King’s Korean BBQ – Honolulu, HI

King’s Korean BBQ is a cozy little Korean BBQ joint located in the same lot as Sweet Home Cafe and Kozo Sushi in Moilili. We’ve done lunch orders here a few times since it’s close to us!  I love to support this joint over Gina’s (she is so mean!) since it is run by a really sweet Korean couple all on their own.  Their portions are good and the prices are reasonable.  Check out the pics!

140107-01Mini Kalbi Plate ($9.00) – Pretty good price I think!  Their mini plates comes with two scoops of rice and two veggies.

140107-02Chicken Katsu and Meat Jun Combination Plate ($8.50) – This comes with three scoops of rice, four veggies, two choices of meat and a mandoo.  Isn’t that amazing for the price??

140107-03BBQ Chicken and Meat Jun Combination Plate ($8.50)

140107-04Regular BBQ Chicken Plate ($7.95) – comes with three scoops of rice and four veggies again.  I think the combination plates are a better deal.

140107-05Bibimbap ($6.95) – This was my dish.  I liked it a lot but for you carnivores out there, there was barely any pieces of meat in this.  I was a bit surprised by the raw lettuce but am not complaining.  I enjoy this dish for the refreshing taste from the veggies.  I would get it again!

Why do I refrain from ordering Korean food in office orders?  Getting everyone’s orders down which includes four vegetable choices per plate. If there were set veggies on a menu, I wouldn’t mind but a lot of the smaller Korean shops don’t have a website or a set list of veggies. I’m pretty used to taking down lunch orders so I do venture out to Korean BBQ joints once in a while. 🙂 I definitely say give this place a try and support a small business.  I will warn that they do use MSG if that matters to you.

2 responses to “King’s Korean BBQ – Honolulu, HI

  1. jalna

    Awwww Jenny . . . you’re so good, you order for your office. And you get everybody’s vegetable choices . . . awww. Me, if I happen to order for other people, then they’re getting all the same vegetables . . . the kine I like. No way am I asking for their individual choices . . . FOGET IT.

  2. Hahaha I like that Jalna, I like your style. I should learn from you, would make my life easier.

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