Pho Bistro 2 – Honolulu, HI

I love me some good ole’ pho. It’s so good and warming for the soul. Pho must be Hawaii’s answer to chicken noodle soup. I’m finding that I love all things Vietnamese lately…desserts, entrees, appetizers, coffee – there’s no going wrong! My current favorite places include Pho Bistro 2 and Pho Thinh – both great restaurants!  Here are a few pics from my recent visit.

140106-01Vermicelli with Grilled Pork and Spring Rolls – this is a cold noodle salad and it’s delicious! They serve it with a fish sauce/vinegar sauce. This dish includes the topping of your choice on top of plain cold vermicelli noodles and a variety of raw veggies. I hate raw bean sprouts  but I can tolerate it in this dish.

140106-02Combination Pho – you can’t go wrong ordering this.

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