Koi Catering and Take-out – Kalihi, HI

Note: Koi Catering and Take-out is closing down their Dillingham location on 2/13/15. They will still be operating their food truck. Get your fix now before they close!

Yes, back to the mecca of food. Kalihi! Koi has been around for a few years now and we’ve done a rare lunch order here once or twice before. We decided to do another order this past week and I wanted to share some pictures with you! We were able to get the order in early in the morning and apparently they had a black-out right before we had to pick up the food! Luckily our food was all ready to go. I won’t be able to provide too much feedback – only on the dishes I actually tried. I also apologize ahead of time for the crazy amount of pictures. It’s all food related so it’s worth it right?


Oh man, their parking lot is TIGHT. Good luck if you plan to come here right at lunch time.


150205-03Garlic Ahi Caesar Salad – $9.20

We had two orders of Blackened Ahi Caesar Salad but this is what we got. They made a mistake on the salads. Luckily the diners didn’t mind too much although they were disappointed. One good mistake was that the person who ordered the mini received a full size salad. I like good mistakes.


150205-05Regular Garlic Chicken Plate – $7.50



150205-07Regular Garlic Ahi Plate – $9.20

I got this plate for dinner and actually ate it cold. It was still pretty good! The fish wasn’t overcooked and I enjoyed the sweet wasabi aioli on top. I would definitely get this again!


150205-09Regular Furikake Mahi Mahi Plate – $9.20


150205-11Regular Steak and Portabello Mushroom Salad – $8.00

$8.00!! Can you believe it? I think that’s a great deal! I love portabello mushrooms and the steak looks perfectly cooked! The diner who had this salad was VERY happy.


150205-13Regular Mushroom Chicken Plate – $7.50

I was really interested in getting this dish until I read the description. Deep fried chicken with mushroom gravy. I only like oven baked chicken with mushroom gravy. Can you see the piece of chicken to the left? It looks so dry! I like a bit of crisp on my chicken but not rock hard pieces like this.


150205-15Chicken and Portabello Pasta – $7.75


150205-17Koi Bento – $10.20

A lot of people ordered this bento. This is a picture of one of the better bentos. I think it sounds like a great deal because you get a piece of garlic ahi, steak slices and garlic chicken. Was it good? I didn’t have too many compliments on it and it’s a bit pricey.

150205-21Pesto Mahi Mahi Pasta – $8.00

Ah this was such a disappointment. This was my lunch. I read glowing reviews about this dish and the great flavor. Did I get this on the wrong day? The mahi mahi is breaded and pan fried with no seasoning. The pesto is mixed in with the linguine but there was barely any pesto flavor on the noodles. The entire dish was so bland – I had to add my own sauce to make it edible. I would have preferred a sauce with the mahi mahi. I think the best part of the dish was the garlic bread – it was terribly bad but delicious for you.


150205-19Regular Da 60/40 Hamburger Steak Plate – $8.50

Okay I have to give you the regular price because this is another glorious mistake. This diner ordered a mini and received a regular. There is no way this can be a mini size! So what do you folks think the 60/40 means? It’s a beef and bacon patty. Are your arteries hardening as you read this? I got to try a small piece of this hamburger and it was GOOD. Good thing the diner got all rice, gonna need that to balance all the salt and gravy. Definitely a decadent dish.

4 responses to “Koi Catering and Take-out – Kalihi, HI

  1. N

    Thanks for this great reporting w/ a lotta pixs which I love too. I don’t know much about eating in town at inexpensive prices so your info is invaluable to me. This looks like a place I can not only afford but I’d love to try out one day. Again thanks – know you’re working and studying hard so you are appreciated even if I don’t comment all the time.

    • Jenny

      Thanks so much N for commenting! I really appreciate all the comments and am glad you appreciate these types of posts! I’m sorry to report that Koi is closing down their storefront on the 13th of this month! I hope you get to try them out before they close!

  2. jalna

    Ohhh,, da hamburger plate!!! WOW. Is that 3 scoops of rice?

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