Lam’s Kitchen- Chinatown, HI

Took a little jaunt over to Chinatown on a Sunday morning to eat a hearty breakfast and walk around the nicely scented (ha!) streets of Chinatown. Being in Chinatown and running into relatives? The odds are pretty big to me but I guess not big enough. I saw two relatives within 5 minutes of each other. I was a bit disappointed by the lack of good fresh seafood. But it was still nice to eat at Lam’s Kitchen! Very efficient place and having online ordering must be making them bank!!

Steamed Won Ton

Oh yum, I love won ton. This isn’t technically listed on the menu so I forget the price already. We just asked for a side order of wonton with no soup. This is what comes out, yum yum yum. They serve it on a bed of greens too!

Beef Flank & Tendon Look Fun | $12.99

Very nice steaming bowl of comfort food. Delicious. This place has AC but I was sweating. I think it was also all the hot sauce I used. The parking is non-existant but if you have a buddy, maybe you can illegally sit on the side and wait while they run in! At least they have online ordering. 🙂

10 responses to “Lam’s Kitchen- Chinatown, HI

  1. vickinags

    Gee, I should do it like you. I always order the beef tendon look fun with won ton in the soup. Your way sounds more ono!
    Ehhh, you sure your soup was only $12.99? Then, adding the won ton in makes it come up to over $20! I think there’s 6 wonton. Aaaaannnd, where’s the noodles? Ahahaha

    • Jenny

      Hahaha I got burned back! The noodles stay in there somewhere lol. Now you got me questioning the cost of my noodles?? I have no idea! I guess you gotta go and let me know lol

  2. They have the best home made noodles. I usually order pork with choi sum with gravy on look fun. And then 2 pounds of look fun (chow fun style) noodles to go and I stir fry them at home with spam. The wonton looks ono! Gotta try that next time.

  3. Arlene

    Those steamed won ton look so plump & appetizing! Do you put any kind of sauce on it? And is that bread at the top right corner of the beef flank & tendon look fun? Do you dip it into the soup? Another great looking meal, you really know where to go!

    • Jenny

      So the won ton comes with like a soy/oyster sauce on it? I just douse it also in hot sauce because I’m me. Oh! I should have talked about the bread! Chinese doughnut stick for $3.00. I usually like to dip it in jook but we got it and just dipped it in our noodle broth. You can always just eat the bread by itself too!

  4. jalna

    OMG, looks so yummy!!

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