Mixed Plate Friday

Get this. I was in a mood but still always follow the rules. So I’m driving up Piikoi to go onto the freeway right? And you folks know, the right and left lane people always be trying to cut us rule followers. I don’t let them cut because why should I have to wait forever to get on the freeway while you folks just cut last minute? It is so maddening! Anyway, earlier this morning it happened. This stupid jeep was on the left trying to cut me, we were bumper to bumper at the red light. I was not going to let him in. But he kept moving forward and steering his car like he was just gonna cut anyway.

Well guess what. No. I didn’t let that happen. And as the light turned green and I went gas em, his passenger, some white lady busts out her phone and points it at me out of the window. Yeah! Like she’s trying for record me for not letting them in??? Girl are you crazy. I hope you enjoyed the view of me pissed off in my big black sunglasses I got from my eye surgery. It was obviously a rental car (dumb tourist). I was hopping mad but I ain’t going to engage with them. I just drove off. How rude right??? I almost like her post the video and me find it to tell everyone exactly what happened.

Spicy & Shoyu Ahi Poke Bowl | $12.99

Before the pandemic, Aja used to fill up the cold case with sushi and bibimkooksoo. Still no bibimkooksoo but I did try this poke bowl the other week! Pretty good! Pretty good portion for $12.99 even if it’s a lot of rice.

Homemade Bahn Mi Toast

Haha I’m calling it toast because I didn’t have any french bread. But I just toasted up one slice of bread, shredded Sam’s Club chicken with mayo, made my own carrot/daikon pickle, fresh cilantro and some homemade pickled jalapenos too! It was delicious! The boys loved it too, all three of them! Hard to find dishes that all three enjoy.

Homemade Tuna Pasta Salad

Did I post this before? I just made my own pasta salad one day and used cottage cheese as a base for the dressing to make it healthier. I just needed the wetness of the cottage cheese to make a dressing and for me it works. I added fresh dill too to make it even more flavorful. I forget the recipe already, if you want it, let me know and I can try to type one up and post. I enjoy this dish!

6 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. vickinags

    Don’t get me started on those cutter inners! McCully is another place and top of University Ave where Midpac Starts. And when they blow their horn at you because they come speeding up on the right thinking they can slip in. No F.N. way!!!

    I love bahn mi. I should keep some ingredients on hand because they’re so expensive now in the shops. Cilantro is the hardest to have on hand. If I plant them, they flower before I can use them I should do the sprinkle couple of seeds every 2 weeks to have a perpetual supply.

    • Jenny

      OH I ABSOLUTELY HATE MIDPAC TRAFFIC. Those suckers who go up the right lane, know full well what they are doing. They are absolutely just trying to cut in last minute and it is infuriating. That’s why I no like driving up university during school drop off time. I go to work early enough that I avoid all that but when I am stuck in that traffic, I do not let anyone in!

      I kill all my plants but you good with em! Cilantro is an herb I wish I had fresh on demand! The bunches to buy in stores are so puny and pricey and don’t last very long. 🙁

  2. I HATE that Lunalilo/Piikoi intersection. Those people who block the intersection so I cannot keep going straight on Lunalilo drive me nuts. They need to post a policeman there so he can give out tickets all day long. Actually, I blame the traffic signal lights. If they made the one on Lunalilo and Pensacola longer so the traffic clears the block of traffic, then we would have less bottleneck stupid #$*!&# over there.

    Aja at UH has poke bowls? I only go to the Ala Moana Center one. Ono food but getting more expensive.

    • Jenny

      Yes! The police would make bank at that intersection! I refuse to block the Lunalilo lanes and sometimes I get beeped at behind me for not going and blocking! Get out of here!

      Yes! They started serving it this semester, not sure how summer gonna be. It’s be a lot of touch and go on campus because I think things have not snapped back since pre-pandemic.

  3. kat

    ugh I try to avoid that area

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