Laverne’s – Waikele, HI

Laverne’s used to be a food truck at UH Manoa and I loved it. I was so sad when they left…they served up some awesome Hawaiian food plates and my all-time favorite Squid Luau. I did a quick shopping trip to Waikele last weekend and spotted their food truck as I drove in! They are located in the parking lot closest to Old Navy. Check them out if you can!

Regular Smoked Meat Plate • $10.45

This is the first time I tried a smoked meat plate and it was good! Perfect amount of smokiness, actually, they serve up a whole lot of meat and not too much onions. Though, that shouldn’t be a complaint right? Delicious!

Side Order Squid Luau • $6.95

Like I mentioned above, this is the best squid luau I have tasted. But the caveat is, I eat my squid luau with a lot of sriracha. It works so well together, the squid luau has a nice and sweet coconut taste. It’s sooo good. I wish I knew how to make this.

6 responses to “Laverne’s – Waikele, HI

  1. kat

    I wonder if they are the same people serving food at the Newtown driving range?!

    • Jenny

      Yes, I think so! I looked up Newtown and people talk about Laverne’s! Although, I’m not sure if they closed that location down…but still at Waikele!

  2. jalna

    I can imagine how excited you musta been to see the truck! LOL!

  3. Kobi

    I follow them on Instagram and food looks ono.

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