Yama’s Fish Market – Moilili, HI

I had a hankering for Hawaiian food one day and wanted to grab and go from somewhere quick. I haven’t been to Yama’s Fish Market in years and years so we decided to give it a go! Kind of realized why it has been years since I been there…(sorry!)…

Sweet Sour Spareribs | $11.85

This was not my dish. Feedback shared? Was just alright, nothing special.

Baked Seafood Salmon Belly | $11.85

Feedback shared, overcooked and smallish portion!

Mushroom Chicken | $11 (around there, I forget, sorry)

Okay, this was my dish. This was a daily special and in my head – I imagined a nice creamy mushroom chicken dish. They run out of Campbell’s soup or something? Haha nah, just joke. It tasted alright but I really expected it to be the creamy mushroom gravy so it wasn’t enjoyed as much. The gravy was a bit more soupy too so I didn’t feel like it stuck onto the chicken as much as it should have. I wouldn’t get this again.

Squid Luau (16 oz.) | $9.65

I used to love getting their squid luau. The only way I can eat squid luau is with choke choke choke sriracha. I don’t know why, why do I even eat this dish if I drown it in hot sauce? But somehow the combination just works so well for me. The taste is still the same and still tastes good, maybe my own tastes have changed. Anyway, I splurged a bit for this – this side cost as much as my plate!

The plus side was that we got there and the lot was basically empty…when the lot is full, you know it’s crazy to get in and out of. Does anyone know what that empty lot next to Yama’s is? It’s like a huge parking lot but I don’t know what for? It’s just locked up.

Masa’s Cafeteria – Honolulu, HI

If I worked in Salt Lake/Mapunapuna, I’d be in food heaven. So many great choices out there but I love the old school choices. I wish these places were open all weekend long so I could give them a whirl. I was in the Salt Lake area around lunch time so we checked out Masa’s Cafeteria for lunch! Oh it was awesome. I was a bit sad we weren’t there during the Baked Spaghetti day (comfort food to the max).

Hawaiian Plate w/ Rice | $11.25
~comes with laulau and lomi salmon
~choice of tripe stew or chicken long rice or beef stew

How can you lose with this plate and the price? It was ono brah! The beef stew was local style with big chunks of tender meat. The laulau had great taste, along with the lomi salmon and rice, you can’t lose! Man I wish I could eat here more often!

Laverne’s – Waikele, HI

Laverne’s used to be a food truck at UH Manoa and I loved it. I was so sad when they left…they served up some awesome Hawaiian food plates and my all-time favorite Squid Luau. I did a quick shopping trip to Waikele last weekend and spotted their food truck as I drove in! They are located in the parking lot closest to Old Navy. Check them out if you can!

Regular Smoked Meat Plate • $10.45

This is the first time I tried a smoked meat plate and it was good! Perfect amount of smokiness, actually, they serve up a whole lot of meat and not too much onions. Though, that shouldn’t be a complaint right? Delicious!

Side Order Squid Luau • $6.95

Like I mentioned above, this is the best squid luau I have tasted. But the caveat is, I eat my squid luau with a lot of sriracha. It works so well together, the squid luau has a nice and sweet coconut taste. It’s sooo good. I wish I knew how to make this.

Uahi Island Grill – Manoa, HI

Uahi Island Grill started up their food truck at UH Manoa a few months ago and I finally got to give them a try the other week. Their menu is a bit limited but I really wanted to give their kalua pig with kale plate a try. How was it? I thought it was pretty good, what I did wish was that the kale was cooked down a bit more with the kalua pig. Perhaps it was on purpose for them? I know that as vegetables cook down, they lose their nutrients right? Their kalua pig was very flavorful. They offered a papaya salad as the option for your side, I went for it. It was okay too, it didn’t taste great with the kalua pork but it was still good!



Local Boys Cafe – Kalihi, HI

Local Boys Cafe is definitely deep within the Kalihi warehouse district. I was picking up some food before heading into work and I was lucky enough to score a parking spot right in front of the shop! Very friendly crew and they definitely have a regular clientele that includes construction workers and cops. How was the experience? Well let’s talk about the food…


141107-02This is how menus have to be! So many choices, where do I start?? I spent quite a while standing there because I just didn’t know what to get!

141107-03All Meat Breakfast Special for $5.00! Isn’t that crazy? It also comes with fried rice and two eggs. Take a look at this load, luncheon meat, ham, bacon, portuguese sausage, and vienna sausage. Yes, it’s a heart attack waiting to happen but what a way to get there…lol

141107-04The fried rice from the special. Eh…the fried rice was very bland. No real flavor or toppings as you can see. I would be okay with just plain white rice.


I was generous and got my cousin lunch that day – he went for the bento. More and more bento shops are using styrofoam boxes, it’s kind of sad to see. Also, what’s gonna happen if they ban those? Wait, did they ban those containers? Anyhow, he liked it but thought the chicken was too salty. I can see why, they pour gravy over already seasoned chicken – other than that, he seemed to like it.

141107-06I went for the lau lau and beef stew combo for lunch. I figured what could go wrong?

141107-07 The beef stew was good! Good flavor, not too salty or too bland.

141107-08I don’t know what what I expected with the lau lau. It was just very dry inside and the luau leaves. My gosh, that’s usually my utmost favorite part of this dish and the leaves were just so bland. It just tasted like bland unseasoned leaves. Usually the leaves take on the taste of the ingredients inside and it’s great. I did end up adding hot sauce after to help season the leaves a bit. While this plate was a bit disappointing – I still do wanna give this place one more chance!


Pat’s Piggery – Waianae, HI

We had a recent event catered by Pat’s Piggery and it was GOOD (Thanks Linda!). Like super good. I don’t know anything about this mysterious catering company, only that they are located far and raised their own pigs that are used to make their delicious kalua pork. They offer catering with pricing that includes the delivery…which makes it easy for us townies! Let me share with you pictures of the food we had…


140531-02Kalua Pork – was so good!

140531-04Lomi Salmon – delicious! Good portion of salmon in there!

140531-05Steamed Sweet Potato – perfect!

140531-03Winner of the whole show! Their ahi poke as SOOOOOO good. It even has kukui nut in it…which means it’s gonna be awesome and it was. I would highly recommend Pat’s Piggery! The price per head considering the food we got was definitely reasonable too!

Zippy’s Lau Lau

Quick update today. Just wanted to share a plate lunch I got from Zippy’s, they usually serve Hawaiian plates on Fridays. I was pleasantly surprised! It was ono! When I was a kid, I used to always think Zippy’s was such a rip-off. That’s probably because I had less money too…lol. Now while I don’t dine at Zippy’s a lot, I appreciate them being around and serving up consistently good comfort food.


140226-02I love luau leaves. Delicious.


Helena’s Hawaiian Food – Honolulu, HI

Helena’s Hawaiian Food is one of the most popular Hawaiian food joints in Hawaii. It might be controversial to say this, but they’re probably the best? If you don’t agree, feel free to comment on who is…cause I’d be more than happy to try them out! Helena’s is located in my neck of the woods and my first ever visit was two weeks ago. I know, what kind of Kalihi girl am I? Well even after I started hearing more about Helena’s, the lines and horrible parking lot certainly scared me off enough. So how was my experience? Um…magical! Take a look if you don’t believe me!

140202-01We ordered Menu D which includes: Kalua Pig, Lomi Salmon, Pipikaula Short Ribs & Luau Squid with 2 scoops of Rice ($18.40)

140202-03Lomi Salmon

140202-04Kalua Pig

140202-05Luau Squid (my favorite!!!!)

140202-07This set comes with haupia, raw onions and Hawaiian Sea Salt

140202-08Pipikaula Short Ribs

140202-09Yummmmmy – star of the show. Seriously!

140202-02 Lomi Salmon with Raw Fish & Limu – $4.95

140202-06Beef Stew – $3.95

What a great meal! We got here pretty early but not early enough…the parking lot was packed! Luckily, just as we were turning in, someone came out. Score! We had about a 10 minute wait and got right in! The staff are all so friendly. Especially the cashier who is the mother of the owner, super sweet lady. And genuine sweet – I love it. She also adds up your check manually first and then re-calculates it on her calculator. That’s a really good way to keep your mind sharp! I’d love to come back here again, but I will only brave it on a weekday at like opening time. I also got an order of pipikaula short ribs to go to take back to the office. I did share it, but not nearly as much as I should have, hehe…