Little Oven – Part Losing Count

Haha!  I think I need to stop saying part this and part that for Little Oven…as long as they stay open – I will be going as much as I can!  So I went to Little Oven again this past weekend.  It’s always magical.  Come join me.

131124-04Lilikoi Pavlova!


Menu Board for the night…


French Chocolate Mousse


It’s all in the details!  This was my friend’s dessert.  He ate it all so it was good.

131124-05Lilikoi Pavlova

131124-06Too pretty to eat!

131124-07Pavlova dissected!  Pavlova is basically like an egg white meringue recipe.  I knew I wanted this right way due to the lilikoi!  The dessert was pretty good.  I can’t say it was my favorite.  The lilikoi flavor was very faint so I couldn’t enjoy the complimenting cream and tangy flavors which would have been perfect.  Maybe I haven’t had meringue a lot but I could taste the rawness of the egg whites at times which I didn’t like too much.  I still plan to return.  🙂

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