Cafe Sistina – Honolulu, HI

Sometimes, I think Cafe Sistina gets a bad rap.  I wouldn’t recognize the restaurant as the best Italian restaurant out there but it certainly isn’t bad!  Some people are a bit ruthless in their critique.  I had dinner here last week and I had a great meal.  Let me share with you the pictures of the food.


Fresh bread served with pesto flavored butter – yummy


My friend got a glass of Moscato.  I think the full title had a B word too…sorry I forgot the word!  He let me have a slip and it was delicious!  Very sweet and a bit carbonated.  I’m starting to think my body doesn’t like moscato though, I got a headache afterwards.  I guess mojitos are the only way to go for me.


Lobster Ravioli.  You don’t get too many of them but they look pretty stuffed with lobster! 

131123-04Pollo Gorgonzola.  This was DELICIOUS.  I loved it!  It includes “tender chicken breast, pancetta and mushroom in a pink gorgonzola whiskey sauce with penne.”  Everything worked so well together in this dish!  I definitely plan to order this again when I return!

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