Local Boys Cafe – Kalihi, HI

Local Boys Cafe is definitely deep within the Kalihi warehouse district. I was picking up some food before heading into work and I was lucky enough to score a parking spot right in front of the shop! Very friendly crew and they definitely have a regular clientele that includes construction workers and cops. How was the experience? Well let’s talk about the food…


141107-02This is how menus have to be! So many choices, where do I start?? I spent quite a while standing there because I just didn’t know what to get!

141107-03All Meat Breakfast Special for $5.00! Isn’t that crazy? It also comes with fried rice and two eggs. Take a look at this load, luncheon meat, ham, bacon, portuguese sausage, and vienna sausage. Yes, it’s a heart attack waiting to happen but what a way to get there…lol

141107-04The fried rice from the special. Eh…the fried rice was very bland. No real flavor or toppings as you can see. I would be okay with just plain white rice.


I was generous and got my cousin lunch that day – he went for the bento. More and more bento shops are using styrofoam boxes, it’s kind of sad to see. Also, what’s gonna happen if they ban those? Wait, did they ban those containers? Anyhow, he liked it but thought the chicken was too salty. I can see why, they pour gravy over already seasoned chicken – other than that, he seemed to like it.

141107-06I went for the lau lau and beef stew combo for lunch. I figured what could go wrong?

141107-07 The beef stew was good! Good flavor, not too salty or too bland.

141107-08I don’t know what what I expected with the lau lau. It was just very dry inside and the luau leaves. My gosh, that’s usually my utmost favorite part of this dish and the leaves were just so bland. It just tasted like bland unseasoned leaves. Usually the leaves take on the taste of the ingredients inside and it’s great. I did end up adding hot sauce after to help season the leaves a bit. While this plate was a bit disappointing – I still do wanna give this place one more chance!


2 responses to “Local Boys Cafe – Kalihi, HI

  1. jalna

    Cute da bulletin board menu! $5 breakfast. What a deal!

  2. N

    Gotta check that place out – thanx for letting us know. BTW I bought the same Aomori apple juice as you and made the same mistake. I thought it was Jalna’s one but it was delish. There were only 2 at Marukai so maybe it was the other larger bottle. Either way it was sooooo good. Thanx again

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