Masa’s Cafeteria – Honolulu, HI

If I worked in Salt Lake/Mapunapuna, I’d be in food heaven. So many great choices out there but I love the old school choices. I wish these places were open all weekend long so I could give them a whirl. I was in the Salt Lake area around lunch time so we checked out Masa’s Cafeteria for lunch! Oh it was awesome. I was a bit sad we weren’t there during the Baked Spaghetti day (comfort food to the max).

Hawaiian Plate w/ Rice | $11.25
~comes with laulau and lomi salmon
~choice of tripe stew or chicken long rice or beef stew

How can you lose with this plate and the price? It was ono brah! The beef stew was local style with big chunks of tender meat. The laulau had great taste, along with the lomi salmon and rice, you can’t lose! Man I wish I could eat here more often!

5 responses to “Masa’s Cafeteria – Honolulu, HI

  1. Izsmom

    Many many moons ago, when it was owned by the Uejo Ohana, I worked there during the summers on weekends to help with the set up, serving and clean up of parties that were held there. The food then was always onolicious.

  2. jalna

    “It was ono brah!” So funny! Masa’s is one of Wendell’s favorite places.

  3. n

    wow thanks for the info – I will try it the next time. As for baked spaghetti, Karen’s Kitchen in Kaakaako has it nearly everyday – call to check but her spaghts are sooooo ono and very generous…the other foods not so much

  4. kat

    would definitely need a nap after that lunch:) looks so good!

  5. N

    Wow the food was good and they had of all things REAL chicken ala king that wasn’t on their daily menu. I haven’t had that since grade school. It was a bit salty but so good, though I don’t know if I was super hungry or the portion was small but it didn’t fill me up since it’s kinda soup. I should’ve seen if they just have a container worth I could buy. Also their beef curry was good, I ordered extra for lunch today. I also went to Karen’s to get their baked spaghetti, dang the fill the whole take out tray with it – enough for two servings. I think it was cheap only like $8 or so the prob is it comes with RICE or mac salad. Too much starch so I opted for tossed salad. I know local style is rice and spagts but ats a little too much

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