Max’s of Manila – Kalihi, HI

Knock, knock…is anyone still here? I took quite a long and unannounced sabbatical. October is probably my busiest month and this time, it dipped deep into November. This is the first weekend where I haven’t been stressed about the upcoming week. That may have to do with the three day work week coming up, yay!

Updates? I got a new laptop! Yay! I have a trip planned for December, yay! And yes, I did not stop eating during my sabbatical. Here is a recent meal I had at Max’s of Manila by Costco. I have been to Max’s once, years ago. I didn’t come into this restaurant with high hopes but left feeling pretty good! The reviews on yelp cite bad service, we had very good service so I will not echo those sentiments. On to the food!

Pancit Palabok | $10.50
thick rice noodles in a delicious shrimp, squid and ground pork sauce, garnished with garlic bits, ground pork cracklings, green onions and sliced hard boiled egg.

I enjoyed the dish, it wasn’t great but it definitely wasn’t bad! My dining companion didn’t like it so I got to eat most of it. Hahaha! I will say I’ve tried it here and at Jollibee’s but I like it better here.

Garlic Rice | $4.25 (small)
jasmine rice deliciously stir fried in golden garlic bits

You read that right. This is the small order of garlic rice. How was it? Well, kind of bland. I think I could have gotten white rice and been okay.

Kare-Kare (Beef Peanut Stew) | $15.50
beef shank and oxtail with vegetables simmered in thick peanut sauce, served with shrimp paste on the side.
Shrimp paste with the Kare-Kare – I love it!

Yet another dish my companion did not enjoy but I did! I enjoyed the oxtail with the peanut-ty sauce and the shrimp paste, oh boy, that really adds a nice umami kick. I enjoyed it!

Max’s Fried Chicken (Half) | $9.75

Their famous fried chicken. Was it good? Well…the skin is certainly nice and crispy. The meat inside? Well, kind of dry and blah. I rather eat Popeye’s fried chicken, sorry! Don’t hurt me!

6 responses to “Max’s of Manila – Kalihi, HI

  1. vickinags

    LOL no crispy pata? no halohalo?

    Max’s seems too “clean” so like something is missing from taste unlike all the other places, if you know what I mean.

    • Jenny

      Haha oh no it was only two of us! I really wanted to get their pandan dessert but alas, no room in the belly.

      And yes I know what you mean! Chinese restaurants all have that taste, the โ€œuncleanโ€ kitchen is a major factor! (To be clear, I mean it as a good thing lol)

  2. kat

    glad you are blogging again ๐Ÿ™‚

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