Mixed Plate Friday

Maybe when you’re reading this post, I’ll be off to Vegas! Excited for a mini-vacay to Las Vegas! No, not to gamble. I am excited for all the good eats and of course Trader Joe’s and Ikea, let’s be real! I’ll try to schedule out a few posts for while I’m gone. Have a good weekend folks!

Fort Ruger Market Sweet Longanisa, Egg, Rice | $9.95 (May 2024)

I was super excited to try this. I love me some longanisa sausage and I thought there could be no wrong. I WAS WRONG. The sausage was so weird and mushy, the texture was totally off. When I buy the ones from the store to make myself, the skin is almost crunchy (sounds gross but it’s good). This was 10 bucks! Well at least it was fried rice I guess? I would not get this ever again.

Kahala MKT Zaru Soba | $8.99

This one was quite a surprise, I really really liked this. And what this dish included was eggplant and I usually hate eggplant. HATE. But this eggplant was cooked and seasoned perfectly, not at all mushy, had a bit of crunch and there was a nice smoky flavor to it. The only downfall of this dish was the imitation crab. This sounds weird but this crab was like super dry, I like imitation crab that is wetter? Is that weird? Do you know what I mean? I don’t want to feel like I’m chewing on paper is what I mean. Would get this again!

Max’s of Manila – Kalihi, HI

Knock, knock…is anyone still here? I took quite a long and unannounced sabbatical. October is probably my busiest month and this time, it dipped deep into November. This is the first weekend where I haven’t been stressed about the upcoming week. That may have to do with the three day work week coming up, yay!

Updates? I got a new laptop! Yay! I have a trip planned for December, yay! And yes, I did not stop eating during my sabbatical. Here is a recent meal I had at Max’s of Manila by Costco. I have been to Max’s once, years ago. I didn’t come into this restaurant with high hopes but left feeling pretty good! The reviews on yelp cite bad service, we had very good service so I will not echo those sentiments. On to the food!

Pancit Palabok | $10.50
thick rice noodles in a delicious shrimp, squid and ground pork sauce, garnished with garlic bits, ground pork cracklings, green onions and sliced hard boiled egg.

I enjoyed the dish, it wasn’t great but it definitely wasn’t bad! My dining companion didn’t like it so I got to eat most of it. Hahaha! I will say I’ve tried it here and at Jollibee’s but I like it better here.

Garlic Rice | $4.25 (small)
jasmine rice deliciously stir fried in golden garlic bits

You read that right. This is the small order of garlic rice. How was it? Well, kind of bland. I think I could have gotten white rice and been okay.

Kare-Kare (Beef Peanut Stew) | $15.50
beef shank and oxtail with vegetables simmered in thick peanut sauce, served with shrimp paste on the side.
Shrimp paste with the Kare-Kare – I love it!

Yet another dish my companion did not enjoy but I did! I enjoyed the oxtail with the peanut-ty sauce and the shrimp paste, oh boy, that really adds a nice umami kick. I enjoyed it!

Max’s Fried Chicken (Half) | $9.75

Their famous fried chicken. Was it good? Well…the skin is certainly nice and crispy. The meat inside? Well, kind of dry and blah. I rather eat Popeye’s fried chicken, sorry! Don’t hurt me!

Saying Goodbye…

Okay, misleading title…no I am not the one saying goodbye! This post is focused on bidding goodbye to an employee of mine. While I am sad to see her go, I am excited for her new adventures and her move to the mainland! Now, she is a graphic designer so I knew I wanted to personalize her gift with something handmade…and well…if you know me, you also know I am obsessed with miniatures so guess what I did…

I made a miniature of her office! Yes, this was all done by hand from scratch…I wanted to help her to commemorate her first ever office space as well.
Made her bookshelf, mirror (yes her mirror is blue!), art work…
Of course the iPad box contains an iPad inside too! Gotta focus on the details!
Did I? Yes, these are real books in her shelf that I scanned the covers of to create the books! Sorry I didn’t get to show a book inside, but the pages are text lined! Loved creating these mini books!!
One of my favorites in this project, creating the cork bulletin board! Yes, the pictures were the same as the ones on her real board!
Created the blinds in her office with the exact view out of her window…and yes, the blinds move!

I put a lot of work into this piece and while I had my moments of insanity (mainly because I am so focused and detailed), it was all worth it because she loved it! Ugh…I love miniatures so much…

Of course I had to cook for the going away party! I made homemade pancit because it’s one of her favorite foods. Very nervous making this because it’s just such a good dish and the taste is key! I gotta admit, I did a test run myself before this day and did not like the first test. I revamped the recipe I worked with and I think it came out great! My coworkers seemed to like it so I am super happy!

If you follow Kat, you would have noticed she talked about Butterfly Pea Flower tea the other week! It was such a coincidence because I had just ordered the dried flowers online and was prepping to make this drink! So you steep the flowers and the water turns into a very bright blue color. When mixed with acid, it changes color! I made a fresh lemonade (first time, was good!) and poured the drinks at the party. It was so fun to see it turn purple and pink! The tea itself doesn’t have a strong taste or any taste, it’s hard to explain. I would pour maybe 3/4 of lemonade to 1/4 of the tea. Tastes great!