McDonald’s Seasoned Fries

Hi folks! Quick update for a late Sunday night. I’ve had quite a day. I headed to work to work on my paper. It was a lot of resting as opposed to writing but I feel a little bit better about the paper. I worked on my outline a bit so I have more of a direction of what to write. I really think this paper is going to come down to the wire and that’s terrible. Anyway, instead of flash drives, I send myself a copy of my paper on e-mail so I can’t lose it. Guess what I ended up doing? It was a nightmare come true, I sent the e-mail to a mailing list rather than to myself. I don’t even know how that happened! The e-mail address is nowhere near how my e-mail is spelled and it wasn’t like I was rushing to get this done. Sheesh. Luckily the mailing list is very small and I was notified by one of them tonight that I had done it. I immediately wrote back to everyone and apologized and asked them to delete it. There’s nothing bad in my e-mail or draft, just bad that I sent it to them!

Anyway, tonight I started prepping food for this week’s lunches. I was ENTIRELY too ambitious. I got a bag of that fake meat to hydrate and I wanted to try my hand at seasoning it with kalbi sauce to create a bibimbap. Well bibimbap includes a LOT of vegetables. I spent so much time slicing up vegetables and seasoning them to cook, it was crazy.

The meat came out okay but I think it got seasoned TOO much. I also wanted to make kimchee gyoza. I seriously am nuts. I made those by hand and cooked them too. I think the cooking and prep took about 3-4 hours tonight. I am tired. I give Korean people a lot of credit for their dishes, nothing but respect. So how am I going to leave this post? McDonald’s French Fries. Those things are already so good but I heard they had this shake and season thing right now so I had to try it!

150503-01It comes with it’s very own “shake” bag with the seasoning you choose inside. It’s very easy to do and the seasoning packets really latch onto the fries!

150503-02Here are the two seasonings we have in Hawaii. My favorite? I like the garlic parmesan over the zesty ranch. I definitely would like to get it again before it goes away! It’s for a limited time only. I think I heard Japan has a nori flavor. Of course they do, we need that here! Anyway, the seasoning comes free with an order of medium or large fries…or of course with the value meals. When I ordered it, I asked for the seasoning specifically. They don’t come automatically with the fries so make sure you ask!

150503-03Garlic Parmesan

150503-04Zesty Ranch

4 responses to “McDonald’s Seasoned Fries

  1. N

    Hey thanks for the headup on the fries. I was wondering if they tasted any better cuz I am absolutely over the moon over their regular fries. I love the super hot, tongue burning fresh fries da best.

    Yes, asian food is mostly quick cooking cuz gots to chop and dice so much before hand.

    • Jenny

      Hi N! I tried it again with my friend and she is also a big fan of their regular fries and she enjoyed them! I hope you get to give it a try!

      And you are totally right. Actual Chinese cooking is so quick but the prep work is crazy!

      • N

        BTW I went to COSTCO and they had the beets. Yay! Nice not to deal with all the red staining AND I can eat just a small one since they’re packed individually. I joined COSTCO just to get the beets but I’m finding it’s paying off more than the Sam’s card I had esp. with the rail construction. i only went to Sam’s once. Now I go weekly to COSTCO. Thanks for the great advice.

        • Jenny

          That’s great N! So glad you joined Costco! Even if it was for beets but I support Costco more because they treat their employees right and pay a good wage. I live very close to Costco so it’s very convenient.

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