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Meatball opened a few weeks ago in Kapahulu and I was super excited when it did! I love meatballs and thought a restaurant specializing in meatballs gotta be good! So how was it? A mixed bag. This could just be growing pains but I have a few thoughts. First, let me explain how to order. The base order includes the meatballs, your choice of sauce, and two small slices of garlic bread for $8.50.  Then to make it a “meal” which means adding starch, you have to pay $3.00. Yes, if you want to add plain rice – you would have to fork out $3.00.  Let’s get to the pictures and details.

140405-01Chicken Meatballs with Bacon Alfredo Sauce on Shells ($11.50)

140405-02This comes with 4 meatballs. My coworker got this dish and she was incredibly unhappy. The meatballs were just okay and they cooked the pasta all wrong. The shells were still hard and I don’t know if you can see it, but there are clumps of shells stuck together that were also not edible. She ended up throwing out most of the dish.

140405-03Vegetable Balls with Mushroom Gravy – $8.50

140405-04Another dish from my coworker. She didn’t have nice or mean things to say. I asked how the taste was and she mentioned it tasted like…vegetarian balls. Sometimes places are able to make their meatless dishes taste very meaty – I don’t think they succeeded here.

140405-05Beef Meatballs, Mushroom Gravy ($8.50), Rice ($3.00), Side Egg ($1.50) = $13.00

140405-06Here’s the garlic bread turned over. I guess it’s good that it’s made inhouse? It definitely was not memorable.

140405-07This dish is PRICEY. I can’t get over how much rice is and how little you get for this price. How’s the meatball? I will admit the beef meatball is very unique in flavor. There is a bit of game-y taste but definitely in a good way. I enjoyed the mixture of different meats in the meatball.

So do I recommend this place? I can’t say I can. It’s very pricey for a small quantity. I always try to give places another chance so perhaps I would return when they settle into their space a bit more.


4 responses to “Meatball – Kapahulu, HI

  1. Anon .com

    Holy Meatballs!!! That is nuts. Too,expensive for so little! Homemade so much better!

  2. Anon .com

    Meatballs are so easy to do ! With$13 you can feed a whole family meatballs and rice too;)

    I think the positive yelp ratings were his friends!

    Happy meatballs!

  3. jalna

    Awwww . . . too bad. Hopefully, you’re right and it’s “growing pains”. Glad to hear that you might give them a second chance . . . most people wouldn’t do that . . . me included.

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