Mixed Plate Friday

Did you folks have a nice Halloween? Okay, it’s been like 2 weeks already but I didn’t get to post this. First time making those mummy hot dogs for the office. I didn’t have yellow mustard so ketchup eyes it is. Make em zombie mummies (sure why not). I didn’t know the recipe calls for a half slice of american cheese too. I thought it was odd. I don’t think you need the cheese. I also made a pan of fudgy brownies that morning, called them graveyard soil or something. Morbid. But it was a nice day because we had a bunch of little kiddos come by the office, they are always so cute. I really missed that during the pandemic.

Char Siu Look Funn | $3 per roll

Used to get a few look funn places in Chinatown but it seems like Chi Kong Look Funn Factory is the last man standing? They only make this so you know it’s gotta be good and yes, it is good. I think this picture shows two rolls. I cut it up myself and make my own dipping sauce. My dipping sauce includes sesame oil, hot sauce, sweet soy sauce and regular soy sauce. I’m extra in all aspect of my life.

Healthy Vegetable Bento | $13.98
combination of our daily homemade sozai with mixed grain rice

I love Kokoro Tei and don’t eat there nearly as much as I want to. Well, I guess it’s a good thing. I bring home lunch to work daily so it’s good I not out there spending too much money. I really enjoy their sozai so I don’t care what comes in it. Just load it up! This one had the following:

From top, clockwise:
Hijiki: Seaweed salad with carrots
Shiraae: Mashed tofu with spring vegetables
Nasu: Simmered eggplant with grated ginger
Kinpira Renkon: Braised lotus root with carrots and sesame
Okura: Sesame seasoned okra
Kabocha: Simmered winter squash

I loved all of it, even the nasu. And if you know me, you know I don’t like eggplant but they make it so good. Give it a try!

10 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. jalna

    Your mummy hot dogs are so cute!!

  2. Izsmom

    The mummy hotdogs are adorable. LOL The bento looks good. I love look funn, but haven’t had it in ages. The bento looks tasty. I gotta check it out.

  3. Cute hot dogs!

    I like Kokorotei. Their fried fish cake is my favorite so I substitute that for the fried fish. And I like their ginger pork. Never had their healthy plate but yours looks very ono!

  4. kat

    I don’t think I’ve tried Kokorotei before, looks delicious

  5. N

    Your Look Funn made me crave it, so I went to Chinatown and managed to get one a few minutes to closing time. They only had one char siu roll so I bought it. I didn’t want to try the mushroom one and I’m allergic to seafood, but I was sooo happy with the char siu look funn . What a great price too. I know it doesn’t refrigerate well so better I had one. So fresh, so oily and greasy. Tried it with a somen sauce I had but it was good plain. Now that I moved into town, I can now get it more frequently. I remember many years ago Marukai sold it, but no longer.

    • Jenny

      Hi N! So great to hear from you! I love that you went to Chinatown to get some and enjoyed it so much!! You’re making me want to get some again, that’s so funny. We are each other’s ads for this place. You’re right, it’s not great reheated. But what I do is, I microwave it in a glass container and place a wet paper towel (like soaking wet) on top and microwave it for pretty long. Like 4 minutes and it comes out pretty well!

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