Mixed Plate Friday

Breakfast Bento | $4.77

Sushi Robot is located outside of the Kaheka Don Quijote – they been there forevers and sell all kinds of good grab and go foods. I got this bento one morning after an early shop. Can’t lose with a $5 meal! And it’s definitely filling. I would get it again!

Okinawan Soba | $13.00 (or $14.00)

Raysam Hawaii is a cute little Okinawan food truck that comes onto the UH Campus! I like to support him when I can, it seems like a one man operation. I enjoyed their handmade omusubi and decided to try their okinawan soba this time. It was delicious! And I love that he serves it separate from the broth, no bloated noodles!

I saw this bag of turtle chips at 711 and couldn’t resist because I love truffle. Bugga was expensive, $6.09 and how is it? Junk brah, no get it. It’s still too sweet and the truffle taste is minimum yet artificial and just tastes like MSG or something. No waste your money.

12 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. vickinags

    I’m so hungry for the okinawa soba now! In fact, I was thinking of what to make for lunch and was thinking of a somen salad since I don’t have the right kind of noodles for hiyashichuka.

  2. Jalna Amoy

    I like the guy that usually mans that Sushi Robot. He’s so nice.

  3. kat

    everything but the chips sounded yum

  4. I’m gonna definitely look for Raysam Hawaii. I like cute Okinawan trucks.

  5. Yumyumtofu

    Do you want some weird canadian flavored chips instead, like ketchup or dill pickle or all dressed?

    • Jenny

      Hahaha so funny you mention this! I tried all dressed once and I don’t know how I feel about it. But I am coming to canada next week so I think I will have to buy some to bring home to share. Any other Canada treats to suggest??

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