Mixed Plate Friday

This post is really any kine I wanted to share. I am pretty under the gun right now. We are tenting our house very soon and the preparations are chaotic. It’s also chaotic because everything is a mess around me. I’m trying to keep up with my book reading, movie watching (for movie club), blogging, working and just keeping up with the social life. It’s getting super busy at work too so forgive me if I take a short hiatus after this post.

Here’s some yen to make up for my absence. LOL! I love realistic miniatures.

Kahlua Cake

One of my all time favorite chocolate cakes, it actually includes kahlua and vodka but no worries, it bakes out and cooks out in the glaze. To me it just tastes like a super moist chocolate cake, if you want the recipe posted, let me know and I will post it!

My Chimmy doll and new Snoopy lunch bag (from Snoopy Museum) wishes you well and have a great weekend!

6 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. Kat

    have a nice weekend, hope the tenting goes smoothly!

  2. S.ko

    waow! stumbled on this from a random Google search, rare to see well-maintained standalone blogs nowadays! I was delighted to find you’re from HI too, first post I read hit me with the Pucks Alley and I was like wtf, what are the chances lol

    • Jenny

      Thank you for finding my humble blog and your kind words! I have to wonder what random search you did on google to find me lol. Hope you enjoy the blog…taking a short break this week but hope to be back next week!

  3. vickinags

    The preparation for tenting is the worst thing ever!!!! But gets rid of all the bugs and ants and whatever at least for a week! hahaha.

    • Jenny

      Right??? I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Actually it was supposed to be Saturday but they rescheduled due to high winds. I was on pins and needles today too because of course it’s still windy in Hawaii this week! Wish me luck!

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