Valentine’s Chichi Dango

Isn’t this cute!!!

I made some chichi dango mochi for Valentine’s Day complete with pink chichi dango hearts on top!

Painstakingly punching out each individual heart lol. I’m still playing around with the recipe since I really just made it up on my own. I think I need a little more batter for the hearts, was a bit thin. Always testing things out!

You like scrap?! Nah, I gave the scraps to my brother who happily ate it!

Hearts ready to adorn chichi dango!

Cute yeah?!?! I gave to Chan and his workers and of course to some of my coworkers! I actually messed up on this a bit. I meant to make it the traditional layered mochi but when added the second layer to the first layer (following instructions!) – the first layer wasn’t set enough so it became like a swirl! Ah, it worked out anyway! Was still cute!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I just wanted to do a small brag…

Look at the beautiful flowers and balloons Chan got for me. Thank you so much! I always feel so special and loved. ^_^

9 responses to “Valentine’s Chichi Dango

  1. Vickinags

    So creative! And such a lovely Valentines arrangement. So special!

    • Jenny

      Soooo sweet! Dessert and Chan lol

    • vickinags

      antsy to go back because I didn’t eat and drink as much as I would have liked. My girfriend was more into shopping than eating and drinking. Imagine that! though I actually bought a couple of sakura shaped cutters to try and jazz up my takuan or soups for when I buy daikon.

  2. Kat

    looks ono! and the flowers so pretty!

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