Mixed Plate Friday

Meatballs | $21.00

Yup, we went back to ‘ILI‘ILI CASH & CARRY. This time, I wanted to try their meatballs and almost went with the hoagie meatball which is $18.00. Well I changed my mind and said, why not just cook up some pasta and buy the side of meatballs? It was a great idea. The meatballs are great and the sauce is good too! We were able to enjoy a couple meals out of this! Yum!

Plate Lunch (2 starch | 2 entrees) | $14.00

Chun Wah Kam will always be known for their ginger chicken fried rice and the hu-MAN-gous serving sizes. How can you beat all this for $14? No can! I like the ginger chicken fried rice and the hong kong chow mein as the starches. I went with the chicken with zucchini and mushroom and stir fried mixed vegetables. Enjoyed this plate very much!!!

Just a funny story I had to share. I had to go to Safelite to replace my windshield the other week and did a quick peek at their waiting room reading choices. What the heck! Why are all the magazines for women or for old folks?? What they trying for say! Hahaha, okay I’m a woman and I was there. I’m just glad the replacement went well! Have a great weekend everyone!

6 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. Hmmm. Maybe magazines only for women and old people because that is who reads them. My son-in-law doesn’t believe in having magazines. Everything is online. He is in the “no paper” generation.

  2. vickinags

    I love Iliili! They have an mini supermarket type of stuff for sale there too: wine, sauces, crackers, canned mushrooms, sardines, etc. My favorite is the almond nougat.
    Would you believe I’ve never been to any of the Chun Wah Kam locations. I’ve eaten the food that others have brought to pot luck and like it.

    • Jenny

      Oh it’s such a cute little store! I never tried the almond nougat but will look for it!

      You gotta go Chun wah kam! Although, they close kind of early!

  3. Kat

    have a nice weekend!

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