Mixed Plate Friday

Loco Moco | $11.00

Yum, loco moco. I can’t resist! We have Holoholo Bistro on campus and they have become a great staple. I love that they make such a variety of dishes and their super cute decorating style. A little pricey but to me this was the perfect portion. They also take Apple Pay which I now use too much because it is so dang easy to use. If you want to check them out, they also opened their own brick and mortar spot in Kailihi where Meg’s used to be!

Homemade Tanghulu

I couldn’t resist. I wanted to make it and TikTok had a microwave version. Came out pretty good! Well 2 things, don’t do the microwave version. The sugar liquid basically needs to be boiling hot to work so it’s better to be on the stove top. 2nd, these do not store well in the fridge. You gotta make it and eat it right away, if not, you’re just looking at a melted sugar syrup mess.

Look at my new water bottle! I hung this cute and cheap chain I got from Amazon. I’ve used it for a week and the chain broke already (lol). Ah it’s okay, it was cute while it lasted! I love this water bottle because it deceptively looks like it doesn’t have the sipping straw but it does! You can chug or sip! I love it! And if you hold it at the right angle, you look like a koala drinking it. I heard Costco might start carrying a two-pack soon – that would be a great deal!!!

6 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. vickinags

    aaahhhh, i’ve been craving a loco moco. Good to know about their location in the old Megs. I pass by and was wondering what that was there.
    what an interesting looking water bottle. I must have over a dozen insulated bottles. I swore off buying hydroflask because they lose their insulation so quickly and I don’t don’t drop them, or whatever. IN fact, the cheaper stuff from Costco or hydroflask knock offs seem to last longer. And Yeti is soooo heavy.

    • Jenny

      Yes at this point, I think all the water bottles work about the same. I almost fell into the Stanley cup trend but glad I didn’t. I’ve been using hydroflask for years but was wanting a different look since my bottle was all dented lol

  2. Kat

    satoshi would like that loco moco

  3. Is that an Owala water bottle? I like them but they are too wide for me so I got me a skinny little Zojurishi one. No straw like sipping but for my purse’s sake, size matters.

    • Jenny

      Yes! Owala! But I agree with you about the size. If I had to carry water in my purse, I’d get the cute little bottles too. These bottles are hu-man-gous!

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