Moke’s Bread and Breakfast – Kaimuki, HI

Another post on brunch food. This is probably the last one for a while. And there we go, just like that I’ll probably post one again soon. It’s okay, I like spreading the wealth of information. We tried Moke’s Bread and Breakfast in Kaimuki 2 weekends ago? Not a huge extensive menu but I liked that, they can focus their energies on making what they have…great! It was a nice dining experience and the food was good. I’m not going to go away from this post without sharing some pretty funny upcharges they sneak on you…

Lilikoi Pancakes (2) | $12.95
our light and fluffy pancakes topped with amazing passion fruit sauce

One of the dishes they are known for and rightly so. The pancakes are so light and fluffy and the sauce on top makes it. It’s small kine tart, just enough tart and tastes so good with the pancakes. I would recommend!

Sunrise Breakfast #2 | $13.95
honey butter biscuit, two eggs, and portuguese sausage

Sunrise Breakfast #2 | $13.95
honey butter biscuit, two eggs, and ham

Don’t both these plates look great? Showing you the difference between ham and sausage, honestly I would have chosen sausage. And the biscuit. You see the biscuit? The waiter asked if they wanted their biscuits grilled and that it would be really good. Sounds simple enough right? They charged each person 50 cents for grilling the biscuit. It’s not a big amount of money but like I never would have expected a fee for grilling up the biscuit, it was never mentioned that it would cost extra.

Side of Chorizo Gravy | $3.00

Here is the side of chorizo gravy if you wanted to try it with your biscuits. It tasted good.

Home-made Corned Beef Hash | $16.50 + $1.50 (fried rice upgrade)
made fresh from whole brisket with potato and green onion
served with two eggs, rice or hash browns PLUS
home-made toast (wheat, white, dark rye): I went with dark rye

Here’s my plate. It tasted okay. I didn’t think the corned beef hash was anything special. The fried rice was definitely not worth the upgraded price. The bread though? Delicious! They bake their own bread and I would get this again!

FYI – coffee is $3.95 per cup but they absolutely come around plenty to fill ‘er up. All in all, it was a nice dining experience and I enjoyed it. Just laughed at the upcharge on grilling a biscuit and the $3 for the teeny serving of gravy.

4 responses to “Moke’s Bread and Breakfast – Kaimuki, HI

  1. vickinags

    I love brunch! I love breakfast food!
    Maybe you should try the one at Bar Podmore except I heard you can get the same $30something brunch for about $7 in England. Yah, Right. LOL

    • Jenny

      OH! They serve the british breakfast platter? I’ve wanted to try that for so long. But I think I glanced at their menu before and saw the prices and got deterred. Also no parking yeah? It’ll take a bit for me to take that leap…

  2. kat

    had their honey butter biscuit plate when I ate there with V, dunno if they charged extra to grill the biscuit…

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