Mixed Plate Friday

Birria Banh Mi | $13.00 (maybe?)
vietnamese inspired sandwich with birria meat, mayo, cucumber, pickled carrots, and daikon (radish), and a sprig of cilantro. served on a toasted baguette and a side of consomme

I wanted to try Cocina De Roja when they opened during the pandemic. A birria banh mi? Sign me up. How was it? Okay, nothing great. I rather just get a regular bahn mi. Also when I go look at their online order site now, it’s not even an option to order so maybe this was pointless?

Beef Stroganoff on House-made Fettuccine | $29.00
mustard sour cream demi-glace

Just sharing a picture of this beef stroganoff from Tango Contemporary Cafe in case any of you were curious how it looked. It wasn’t my dish but it was enjoyed!

Seafood Chow Mein | $12.95

Assorted Dim Sum

I don’t usually crave chicken feet but this time, I did and ordered it. This is the only way I will eat chicken feet, it has to be prepared in this manner. I will not digest any other way. I don’t know why, please don’t ask. I can never pass up dim sum and yes, I like to order seafood chow mein as an accompaniment. It reminds me of childhood so I enjoy it. By the way, this is from Ginger & Garlic. I guess the final question is, do you chicken feet?

Have a great weekend folks.

6 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. vickinags

    except for the chicken feet, your other dimsum looks so ono! I did try chicken feet a couple of times but not something I would order.
    birria banh mi? sounds too hearty.
    $29 for beef stroganoff??? Looks like a good size serving but…..LOL

    • Jenny

      Hahaha okay, the fact that you tried and didn’t like it is completely fine. I just want people to try stuff before they say no! Yeah, beef stroganoff sounds like such a side dish. Like is there a rice-a-roni version?

  2. kat

    pig’s feet yes chicken feet no

    • Jenny

      Ha! You would eat pig feet and not chicken feet? That’s very interesting…I don’t think I want to eat pig feet…though I have tried it before!

  3. Chicken feet – no thank you. Although I was kind of forced to eat some several years ago. A TaiChi master took our class out for lunch at Nice Day restaurant. There were 3 or 4 tables and the menu was set so all the tables had the same items. The other 3 tables all gave their chicken feet to our table (I was on the Master’s table) because he liked them and nobody else did. So I had to eat some because there was 4 platters full of chicken feet. It was in a sweet sour coating and it was okay but too much work to suck the meat off those scrawny claws. And I felt bad for the poor chickens even though the rest of their body was already chopped off.
    Ah well. Once was enough for me.

    • Jenny

      Oh that’s too funny you ended up on the table that got all the feet, lol! Glad you got to try it and understand you don’t like it. It’s definitely an acquired taste. I will say, the good dim sum places make it so the meat falls off the bone so there’s not real work to be done.

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