North Shore Grinds – Kaimuki, HI

When Jalna updated her blog with all the ono grinds she got from North Shore Grinds, I had to go! I used to come to this area all the time for Your Kitchen. Oh boy do I miss Your Kitchen. Not a great parking situation for North Shore Grinds but we were able to snag street parking pretty easily, and get plenty turnaround since people are grabbing their lunches to go (there is no seating).

Killah Pulehu Ribs | $18.95

Chan’s dish. The seasoning is good but he felt like the cut of meat was not the best. It says ribs, it’s “boneless” but I wonder if they are really even using ribs? You know? I don’t feel like it is.

Chicken Katsu w/BBQ Horseradish Dip | $16.95

Oh winner winner chicken dinner! This wasn’t my dish but I got to try a piece with the dip, I can see why they are known for this dish. I would get this next time!

Hamburger Steak w/Onion Gravy | $16.65

Not my dish but it was enjoyed!

Brandon Special (Pulehu Ribs & Furikake Mahi) | $18.95

This was my dinner that I shared with Chan. The fish was good, same pulehu ribs. Once again, pulehu was nicely seasoned. But is it really ribs??? Idk…

Herb Crusted Mahi Mahi w/Lemon Cream | $17.95

Jalna got this dish and raved about it and I had to get it too. Well, she was good and got all salad. I need my rice. The dish was really good! I enjoyed it! I enjoyed it more than the furikake mahi, would get again!

8 responses to “North Shore Grinds – Kaimuki, HI

  1. Right up my alley! One of these days I’ll go back. Do they still have that loyalty card – but 10 get one free?

    • Jenny

      Oh so like it’s new owners. Now you gotta buy 20 and you get two free plates but you cannot redeem both plates on the same day. I guess same idea but more complicated haha

  2. kat

    looks good! I don’t think they used ribs though

  3. Foodie friend

    Go to lucky box
    On waikamilo if you want good generous katsu.
    $10.99 special.
    And make your own sauce.
    Cant be hard to do bbq w horesradish..;)

    Btw they probably buying a cut called boneless shortribs and calling it ribs.
    Seen it at other places..
    High & low end.But them there aintthe same and not really gnawing worthy or as
    fun as real bone chewing

    • Jenny

      Been wanting to try Lucky Box so thanks for the heads up! And you’re right bbq sauce and horseradish can’t be hard but also too lazy to buy that special lol.

      And you right! Half the fun is gnawing the meat off the bones!

  4. jalna

    That mahi!! So ono!

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