Ono Seafood – Kapahulu, HI

The infamous Ono Seafood on Kapahulu. I have never been there before and always feared going because of the fear of no parking! Luckily, I decided to give it a try the other week and realized they have pretty good parking! There is only about 2 spots in front of the shop but the empty lot next door gives you a few more stalls so we were good. This is a super small shop, it really is grab and go. They specialize in poke and JUST poke which is fine since they do such a dang good job at it. Do I wish I could get a side of roast pork with it…yes, but I’ll live. It’s a great deal because you get a poke bowl and it comes with a drink! Here are the ones we tried…


Hawaiian Style Poke Bowl

140603-02Spicy Ahi Poke Bowl!
My dish, so good! There is a lot of onions as shown in the picture but there definitely wasn’t a strong bite so it was good. I would definitely return here to have some again!

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