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This past week was the anniversary of my mom’s death. This was a big one. 20 years. This anniversary also marks the unfortunate milestone that my mother has been out of my life more than she has been in it. I am doing okay, I decided to make a day out of it and had a nice little brunch out in Kailua, hitting up the Target in Kailua and then do my leisurely visit to my mom’s grave. I bought flowers the night before at Costco and they looked wonderful. As we were leaving, we looked at some of the Japanese graves. I don’t know a lot about them but just see these huge granite structures everytime I visit my mom. I was told that the names behind the stone signal who is buried there. I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful, and I hope it wasn’t being so. It was just interesting to sort of piece together family histories through the listings. In fact, I found the grave for the Hata family. Yes, it’s probably the Hata family you are thinking about.

Anyhow, I’ve been wanting to try Over Easy for a few years now. I’m not much of a brunch person but since they get such high ratings on Yelp, I just had to give it a try!

Kailua Eggs | $16.00
sunny side eggs, bacon cabbage broth, portuguese sausage, rice (microgreens and dehydrated cabbage too)

Yeah, it’s as weird as it looks. I guess it’s like an ochazuke? The broth definitely did not have strong hints of any flavor, especially not bacon. They have dehydrated cabbage in it that is rehydrated with the soup. Just fancy term for pickling the cabbage perhaps? I think the dish was okay. Not great, not bad. I wouldn’t get it again. It was an awkward dish to share.

Kalua Pig Hash | $18.00
kalua pork, okinawan & fingerling potatoes, lomi tomato, OK Poultry Farm eggs, green goddess, cilantro

Best dish of the meal. Well, we only had two dishes so there was no real competition. The kalua pig and potatoes tasted great. Can’t go wrong with OK Poultry eggs and I love the cilantro sprinkled all around. I would definitely order this again.

All in all, glad to have tried it. Don’t have an urge to return again, I can find brunch food in town. They do not have any parking so you do have to find street parking. I went on a weekday after peak brunch time so I was able to find a parking stall pretty fast. Definitely was surrounded by tourists.

12 responses to “Over Easy – Kailua, HI

  1. Bee happy

    So sorry for your loss..
    I understand your feelings.
    Having observed 20plus years
    but being a couple for 2.

    May those memories be treasures..

  2. vickinags

    Funny how we relate to stuff like how you say you’ve been without your mom than with. I do that too with my dad or other time references.

    • Jenny

      First time I’ve had that reference to make, hope it doesn’t come out negative. I just thought it was an interesting milestone…

  3. Thanks for the review. Very nice that you had a good memorial day for your mom.

  4. Bee happy

    Fyi I.have no idea whos pic that is.

    It just popped up

  5. kat

    that is a milestone, glad you were able to get through it your way. yes the names in the back/side of the gravestone are of the person who put up the grave

    • Jenny

      Thank you Kat. I might stay a bit more next time I visit too, I was fascinated with it. But now think that might sound morbid and disrespectful…

  6. jalna

    What an interesting dish. Sorry for the loss of your mom.

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