Pho King – Wahiawa, HI

I had to do it. I had to go to the restaurant called Pho King. Yes, I am childish. Do you know why I am being immature? Say the restaurant name outloud fast kine and you will understand. I am sure they totally know what they did in naming this restaurant and fully embrace it.

All jokes aside, I actually wanted to try this restaurant because people rave about their food! They are closed on Saturdays which is a boo from me, that’s one of the only days I can make it out there! Well, I took a weekday off for vacation and made the trek out there. Small hole in the wall shop, how was it?

Nice assortment of greens for our pho! Yum! They give a lot of lemon, lol.

Pretty generous with the rare beef! This is the serving of beef you get when you order the pho with just meatballs and rare beef. Nice!

Beef and Meatball Pho | $12.95

Delicious! Great broth with depth in flavor. Looks at all those onions and green onions, can’t go wrong there. Each bowl was licked clean.

Oxtail Pho | $17.50
contains peanuts and carrots

This is my pho! Yes! Oxtail pho! I enjoyed it. Well, not sure what I was expected. Honestly, if you’re expecting it to taste like the oxtail soup you get from Asahi Grill, you will be disappointed. I actually found that the broth and oxtail was much milder in seasoning. I don’t mind that because I love using their hot sauces. They were pretty generous with the cuts of meat, I would definitely order this again!

Lemongrass Chicken Sandwich | $8.75
served on french bread and contains mayonnaise, cucumber, chinese parsley, pickled daikon and carrots

I had to try their banh mi since I don’t know when I would be out here again! I ate this sandwich way later in the day and it held up okay. The bread was a bit chewy but I knew that going in. My biggest complaint was the veggies. Do you see how big the carrots and daikon are? My god, it was like eating my sandwich with carrot sticks inside. They were not seasoned enough or preserved enough, they need to slice their carrots and daikon thinner! The chicken was marinated perfect and tasted great.

6 responses to “Pho King – Wahiawa, HI

  1. vickinags

    I used to work for Koreans (from Korea). They used to put the jalapeno in the small dish and put hoisin and sriracha on, let it sit for couple of minutes, then eat it. Wow, it was good like that (If you like heat, that is :))

  2. kat

    I think this is next door to the mexican place I like!

  3. We actually have a, ahem “Pho King” restaurant here in San Diego…it been around since 2007….so we’ve had great laughs for over a decade.

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