Pho My Vi – Kaneohe, HI

I don’t get to visit Windward too often but when I do, I do enjoy trying the different eateries out there! I tried Pho My Vi for the first time the other week and really enjoyed it! The service was good (well it was a young man and he definitely did not want to be at work but he was still a good server), I enjoyed the food! Prices for the appetizers were a bit higher but I think the pho was an incredible value. The medium size was huge!

Spring Rolls (2pcs) | $7.95

Spring rolls tasted good, do I think two spring rolls for $8.00 is a good deal? No.

Beef Salad | $15.95
Citrus infused sliced rib eye served with romaine lettuce, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, onion flakes, 
crushed peanuts, chinese parsley, tossed in Chef’s lime and pineapple specialty dressing.

Anytime I see beef salad on the menu, I just gotta try it! Pho 777 still has the best on the island, hands down. I don’t love visiting Pho 777 because it’s a bit run down and I question the cleanliness but you can’t beat their beef salad. The beef salad here was good, not great.

Combination Pho (Medium) | $12.75

I enjoyed my bowl of pho! I think they are generous with the meats and noodles, I felt quite satisfied after dining here! They have the hot chili sauce I like too (the one with the chili oil). Give them a try if you are feeling like pho and in Kaneohe!

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