Piggy Smalls – Honolulu, HI

I don’t think I need to tell you about The Pig and the Lady nor do I need to share about Piggy Smalls? Right? Well, I honestly haven’t been to The Pig and the Lady just yet but absolutely have been to Piggy Smalls a few times and loved it for both lunch and dinner. My previous post was dinner, this post will focus on lunch. Both meal times have their perks but I think I might favor lunch a bit more…let me share why…

Seasonal Slushy (Strawberry!) | $4.50

Finally! A seasonal flavor I can get behind! Strawberry! Nice refreshing drink, perfect for a hot day.

LFCauliflower | $12.00
money sauce, kaffir lime, peanuts, fried shallots, slaw

They are known for their LF Chicken Wings, and yes, many tables were ordering them! But somehow, I felt more veggie that day (word?). Well, I had no regrets getting the cauliflower, absolutely none. And honestly, you only get like 4 chicken wings. Look at this platter of cauliflower goodness. I am salivating just looking at it, and it was lightly breaded and deep fried so the cauliflower totally soaked up the money sauce. I could eat this as an entree with rice, well almost…but not when the next dish exists…

Pho-strami Banh Mi | $16.00 +$4 add noodles
all day smoked beef brisket, pickled mustard seeds, sriracha-lime onions, awesome sauce, on la tour baguette with a side of our signature pho broth & farm salad

I was being pretty good during this meal. I actually shared this entree, could I finish it in one sitting? Probably not, but I sure as heck could hoard the other half of the sandwich for a really luscious snack later. This beef brisket is fatty/juicy and tender…I mean…this is my perfect sandwich. The baguette is a little hard (that’s what she said) but you gotta have the crusty french bread right? And the bowl of pho noodles on the side? THERE IS NO WRONG WITH THIS DISH. I wish this sandwich was available during dinner, nope…it’s only during lunch. Anyone want to take me out to lunch?

6 responses to “Piggy Smalls – Honolulu, HI

  1. jalna

    Whoa! Looks pretty awesome!

  2. kat

    everything sounded great!

  3. N

    oooh I’m gonna try the bhan mi and pho! My two faves -ooooh -N

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