Recipe: Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Sheet Cake

Happy Halloween…2 weeks ago!  Nah, it’s okay.  It’s still autumn so this dessert still works!  Our division held a Halloween party which included an autumn dessert contest.  As the representative for my office, I took on the challenge and WON!  Yay!  Okay so there were only two desserts entered…but a win is a win.  I shall take it.  I’m not used to eating too many autumn desserts but I think this one came out pretty nice!  Check out the pictures and the recipe inside this post!


Let the oozy pumpkin goodness lure you in…

131116-02This is too much for one bowl to hold!  I should have mixed the ingredients one by one…not plop everything into a bowl.  The bottom left corner is the canned pumpkin.  It has to be pumpkin puree not pumpkin pie mix.  I found my can from Whole Foods on sale (score!).


Looks pretty good spread out in the pan.  Look at the speckles of pumpkin!

131116-04Cinnamon glaze ready to go!

131116-05This looks good enough to eat.  Sort of.

131116-06Sorry for the blurry picture!  Also – it does not look so good after baking.  Hahaha

131116-07There, that’s better!  Glaze makes everything better.  Make sure you spoon on the glaze while the dessert is still warm!

Here’s where I got the recipe from!

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  1. Foodluva

    This looks so delish! Thanks for sharing the baking steps and recipe! I just love all things with autumn theme – decorations, food, and festivities.

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