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Sometimes I have to go to downtown for meetings and I always look forward to it!  I used to work in downtown over 10 years ago (scary!) and all you downtowners know, the food is awesome there!  Well aside from Kalihi right?  Fort Street Mall is one of the biggest winners.  One of the mainstays of Fort Street Mall is Rada’s Piroscki.  I don’t know if anyone remembers them but they were a super hole in the wall place run by some really efficient older Filipino ladies that sold the best pirosckis and fried squid.  Well they moved locations since then but I was so happy to see they still exist.  It looks like they combined kitchens with a Filipino restaurant.  I cannot express how disappointed I was when I tried it this time.  The filling was still good but the pastry covering it was terrible.  It tasted like rancid oil, really rancid oil.  I even bought one for my coworker and told her she had to try it!  My credibility was slashed!  If anyone of you do frequent Rada’s, please tell me it was a bad day!

Anyhow, for lunch this day – I decided to go to Ahi & Vegetable.  This place wasn’t there when I used to work in downtown but they run a super great shop!  Great raw fish sets for a good price and the staff is so fast!  I just wanted to share the lunch I got.  Jalna will laugh again, here goes:


Spicy Ahi and Natto combo!  Hahaha it was so good.  This place is run by a Korean owner so they included Korean seasoned choy sum.  Yum!  And yes, this was very good!  I didn’t mix the two together though, that would be pretty weird.  Our coworker was laughing at me too wondering how I could get into natto so late when people usually grow up eating it.  I should just become a walking ad for natto.  Now I have two co-workers who are constantly eating natto…lol

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