Ramen Bario – Waikiki, HI

Have you been to the new Waikiki Yokocho? It’s modeled after the Japanese alleyways full of delicious restaurants. I finally got to give it a try the other week. We were planning to eat our way through the joint but only ate one bowl of ramen. Weak sauce. I decided to give Ramen Bario a try since I’ve seen most pics of their food and am always game to try tsukemen! If you go to Waikiki Shopping Plaza after 6pm, they have a flat rate of $7 for parking until 12am. If you don’t plan to roam around Waikiki and have something to buy at Ross, I would just park in their lot and get validated parking.

The ramen options are a bit pricey but if you show your ID, they give you a kamaaina rate of 15% off. Let’s get to the food:

Egg Ramen – $13.48

Egg Tsukemen – $14.48

So this was my dish. How was it? Not great. Similar to the Egg Ramen except they add the spicy seasoning into this one already. I like that they keep fresh minced garlic on the table for use…but for me the dish wasn’t that great. The broth tasted a bit sour, might have been on purpose but I wasn’t a fan. I felt like I got less noodles when I paid more! I don’t plan on returning.

Hoji Soft Cream with Warabi Mochi

There’s always room for dessert right? Decided to try Nana’s Green Tea. I’m not the biggest fan of green tea so I tried to hojicha ice cream. It was pretty good, though I’m not a fan of waffle cones. Should have gotten a parfait huh? I actually prefer the Black Sesame ice cream at Matcha Love in the new Mitsuwa Marketplace in the new International Marketplace. Whew that’s a mouthful. If you get a chance, try black sesame ice cream. It’s so good!

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  1. jalna

    Clicked on your Waikiki Yokocho link. Looks like a fun place to check out!

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