Ramen Nakamura – Waikiki, HI

I’ve heard about Ramen Nakamura for the longest time, they’re at the edge of Waikiki on Kalakaua. The reviews seem to be awesome and they always have a line out the door. We just had to try it once! When we got there, there was a line so we thought it was a good sign! We finally got into the restaurant and they certainly run a tight ship, customers hustle in and out of the restaurant as they complete their meals. Kamaaina get a discount so make sure you bring your ID for 15% off and it’s cash only! So what’s the verdict?

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen Combo

Well…I’ve had much much better elsewhere. What is the big deal about this place? You know one way I judge a good ramen joint? How the eggs are made. Look at this egg. The gray ring around the yolk signals it’s been over-boiled…how disappointing! The ramen was not memorable and I just had no urgency to come back.

Gyoza – typical, average, nothing special

The ramen combo comes with the small fried rice and gyoza. The whole meal was just meh to me, nothing special. The broth was mediocre with no depth in flavor. I would not recommend this restaurant especially since we have so many great ramen restaurants elsewhere.

7 responses to “Ramen Nakamura – Waikiki, HI

  1. jalna

    Good to know . . . thanks! I love ramen combos.

  2. Arlene

    Yah, I had a meh experience at Ramen Nakamura, too. The fried rice was stale tasting and the gyoza was bland. The ramen was just okay. I think rave reviews on Yelp just go to show you many people have bought into the social media food culture about gushing positively about whatever meals they have eaten, good or bad.

    • Jenny

      Yes Arlene! I totally agree. That’s why it’s hard to use Yelp reviews as an indicator. I think the Yelp elite gets invited to openings and that skews their reviews. I look mainly for pictures and then try it myself to see if it’s good.

  3. N

    ITA w/ Arlene…I see 4 to 5 star raves for places that are 1 star IMO. I think part of the mind set among some yelpers is that plenty means good. To me, it means more junk tasting food, I rather have less and have quality. I am a ramen lover too so I have very high expectations of a ramen place cuz that’s all they’re suppose to make, right. -N

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