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I am scheduling this post a few days early so I hope that by the time this publishes, I am booked for my trip. There is a really cheap flight right now for my trip and I would love to book it but I haven’t found a hotel or apartment to stay yet. It’s pretty hard to pull the trigger. I haven’t done any planning for the trip which makes me even more afraid! But Japan is great, and I have been there once so it shouldn’t be too bad. I’m excited for the cooler weather and sakura!!

Here’s just a random updates post. And what does it center around? Food of course.

150218-01Win-Spuntino Linguine Clam Sauce – $10.25

Look at all those clams! Yes, it’s worth it. Yes, it was good. Felt a bit clammy afterwards though, get it??

150218-02Koa Pancake House Scottish Bangers Plate – $6.55

Have you ever had Scottish Bangers before? The first time I tried it was at Anna Miller’s and I’ve been fan ever since. There’s something about the seasoning that I like but I’m not quite sure what those seasonings are!


Tango Cafe Crab Hash Benedict – $12.25

150218-04Tango Cafe Gravlax Pytt i Panna – $10.50

This was my recent breakfast. It includes red and green bell peppers, house-cured salmon, potatoes, and sunny side up eggs. I thought it was good but I guess I’m not a “meat” and potatoes kind of girl. I like breakfast with rice!

2 responses to “Random Updates

  1. Arlene

    Have a nice trip! Have you checked out the English version of Jalan, a Japanese hotel website? I believe it’s one of (if not) the biggest online hotel websites in Japan.


    • Jenny

      Thanks so much Arlene! What a great resource! I actually already booked a place to stay for this trip…we’re using Airbnb. But I will definitely hold onto this resource for friends or later for myself. Hope you’re doing well!

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