Döner Shack – Downtown, HI

Sometimes I get a hankering for Greek food that I just can’t shake. I love lamb, I love tzatziki sauce and I just love all Greek flavors. Döner Shack is located in downtown and has gotten great reviews on Yelp so I decided to give it a try! I saw their rice plates on the page and I was so excited. Then I was super disappointed when I tasted it. Let me explain…





150217-05Chicken Shawarma Rice Plate – $7.50


150217-07Lamb Rice Plate $7.50

Everything could have been so perfect, but you (rice) ruined it. The salad was perfect, crisp and refreshing. Great dressing that had a bit of tang but nothing too sour. The lamb was perfectly cooked and seasoned, looks dry in the picture but it wasn’t. The garlic yogurt sauce on top – great! The rice? Here’s what I don’t get in restaurants. How do you mess up rice? This rice was not only undercooked but I could tell it was cooked with too little water. The rice was CRUNCHY. Made me question if they even cooked it at all. It was such a disappointment. I assume I went on an off day because they get such high reviews. It’s hard to get to downtown so I don’t know if I will try this again anytime soon!

150217-08Why oh why!!! This döner was a downer (sorry…).

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