Recipe: Mixed Eggplant Bucatini

A trip to the mainland means a trip to Trader Joes. Especially if you’re from Hawaii! Another TikTok recipe, I saved this and decided to give it a try! Easy easy recipe. 4 ingredients!

That’s basically it! Cook up your pasta according to your preference (doesn’t have to be bucatini, choose what you like!) – save the pasta water. Heat up the eggplant with tomatoes and onions and jar of eggplace garlic spread with sweet red peppers on the stove top. Add maybe 1/2 C of your hot pasta water to make the mixture more “saucy” – do it to your liking. Throw in the cooked pasta and mix it up! Top with shredded parmesan cheese (whatever cheese you like).

Looks good ah? My own notes, not enough salt. It’s a bit sweet for my taste. Perhaps you can salt your pasta water (I didn’t) or add salt when you’re making it to your taste. I ate it with hot chili oil so it tasted great for me. I’m glad I bought two servings worth, I can still make another batch!

8 responses to “Recipe: Mixed Eggplant Bucatini

  1. Looks really good! And how easy! Will have my Seattle daughter try it and send me ingredients later.

  2. vickinags

    Is it super garlicky? Sounds good but not too fond of strong garlic. I know you guys like it, though. so that’s why I’m asking, LOL

  3. kat

    trader joe’s wish hawaii had one

  4. jalna

    My favorite kind of recipe and Dd’s favorite pasta!

    • Jenny

      Dd’s favorite, then gotta be good! I really liked the pasta too! And it takes in so much more sauce. So dangerous good…

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