Spot Prawn Festival – Vancouver, BC

My coworker follows a lot of travel feeds and told us about a Spot Prawn Festival and we signed up right away! I don’t usually go to these big food events but I couldn’t resist prawns! I was very happy we signed up, the food was great! Where else can you get a tasting from the best chefs? This was also where I got my sunburn on my left shoulder. It’s really odd, only my left shoulder. Anyway, on to the food!

Spot Prawn Spring Roll / Daikon Salad / XO Vinaigrette
Steve Rutherford

Starting dish! Long line since it was the first tent up after you enter. It was yummy! Perfect first dish to have.

Vietnamese Hot & Sour Spot Prawn Broth / Rice Noodles / Pineapple / Tamarind
Phyllis Tanga & Ben Kiely

I though this was good! Not usually a huge fan or sour soup but this one tasted great!

BC Spot Prawn “Thermidor” / Gruyere Gougere, Spring Onion
Bobby Milheron

Probably my least favorite dish of the festival. Unfortunately the potato cake was cold, I bet if it was still warm and crispy, this dish would have been good!

Spot Prawn with Laci-fermented Tomato Water / Heirloom Tomato Jam / Chive Blossoms
John Lance

This dish was impressive. The elements the chef and his team put into each cup. Fancy elements all in this cup and all delicious. I loved it!

Spot Prawn Ceviche / Prawn Aioli / Wonton Crisp / Seaweed
Tommy Shorthouse

This was good, nothing special. It’s hard to compare a chip and dip dish with all those other elevated dishes. I enjoyed it and was glad I got to it before they were out!

Grilled Spot Prawn / Papaya Salad / Prawn Cracker
Steve Kuan

We saved this dish for last. They were grilling the prawns in the tent for this dish, yum! Not my favorite dish of the festival but still very good!

Rain or Shine Malted Milk Chocolate Ice Cream
Homemade honeycomb (free of corn syrup) is coated In 70% dark chocolate and mixed into a Belgian milk chocolate base. Malted Barley is also added to enhance the richness of this ice cream.

Surprise treat to end the festival! I enjoyed it! A bit rich, I would have liked a light fruity sorbet to end the festival but enjoyed it anyhow.

6 responses to “Spot Prawn Festival – Vancouver, BC

  1. You are SUCH a fantastic foodie! I enjoy being able to look over your sunburned shoulder.

  2. kat

    looks like a great event, nice you got to try all

  3. jalna

    I agree with Aunty!

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