Restaurant Do-ne Japanese Food – Honolulu, HI

Restaurant Do-ne Japanese Food is a cute little Japanese restaurant that opened up recently. It’s pretty hard to find if you don’t know where it is, and the parking can be a bit confusing but at least there is parking! You gotta turn into the lot that is located behind the building, just go straight into the lot and park along the back. There are stalls on the side but they are reserved for another business. There is a map of this parking located on their door which is kind of pointless cause you already parked…haha but I digress. It’s a small shop so I went super early to get seated right away. Luckily I did because a big group of Japanese folks came in and took up almost the entire restaurant after us. That’s a good sign of a good restaurant, native Japanese people coming in droves. So how was the food? Delicious! Join me, won’t you?


Salmon Ikura Don Set – $13.50
Doesn’t this look fantastic? What a great deal! And the detail in the side dishes? It makes a big difference I think.

140703-02Great quality fish – generous for the price!

140703-03Seasoned Tuna Don – my dining companion got the same set but got the seasoned tuna instead. Doesn’t that look great? The ahi is so red and no white stringy things! Delish.

140703-04Salad with a delicious dressing!  The dressing was onion based and tasted great.

140703-06Seasoned eggplant with bonito flakes. Delicious!

140703-07Seasoned Kabocha. Good, not great. I believe it was a bit firmer than I would like.

140703-08I don’t know the exact name of this but it was agedashi tofu dish. I enjoyed it a lot. It was a great meal! Great service and great food.

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