Ringer Hut – Ala Moana, HI

Ringer Hut has reopened at Ala Moana! They are on street level on the post office side. We were excited for them to open and got in before they got super busy! It’s a very nice new space, clean and bright. It was a great meal ruined by the group who came in after us. They were acting very snobbish and just being so rude and sassy. At one point, they asked for hot tea and was informed that they did not serve hot tea – the male diner asked, what kind of restaurant is this? Then when the wait staff asked if they could take the menu back since they already ordered, he said, I guess you can take it if you have to. Get a life. Take a hike! Blah! It’s free to be nice, everyone.

Nagasaki Champon (Regular Size) with Deep Fried Gyoza (6p) | $22.00

Chan got the noodles and we shared the gyoza. The noodles have a nice broth! The gyoza is good but I’m not usually a fan of deep fried gyoza, I prefer them steamed/pan fried.

Nagasaki Saraudon (Regular Size) with Yakimeshi | $23.50

Oh yum! My dish! Saraudon – didn’t know this existed! You can’t tell from the pic but it’s like fried egg noodles underneath all this nice gravy and toppings. I love noodles made like this – it was delicious! And yes, I had to order the side fried rice. I always want to try different types of chahan – was too full to eat it but it tasted great as leftovers! Nice umami flavor. I would definitely get this again!

Karaage (5) | $8.00

We got a side order of karaage to share. Was good! Hard to complain about fried chicken.

The wait staff were very nice, it was within the first few days of opening so I think they are still getting into the groove of things. It didn’t matter for us, the service was great and the food came out quick! I would definitely come back!

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  1. kat

    saraudon! it is the closest I can get to cake noodles here…ugh to the rude snobs

  2. Good thing I just finished eating my lunch (7-11 salmon and tofu with multigrain rice) or else I would be so hungry looking at the food and menu! Looks super good!

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