SEIRYUMON – Ikspiari Mall, Japan

We were starved before we hit up Tokyo Disney so we decided to eat at the Ikspiari Mall before going into the park. Love this mall! We decided to check out SEIRYUMON because we were craving some Taiwanese/Chinese food. It’s going to be a long post but I really enjoyed this meal even if it was tourist trappy.

Egg Drop Soup

Dried Tofu Salad
I know this looks like noodles but it was tofu! It was good!


Rice (lol)

Stir-fried Shrimp & Egg with Chili Sauce Lunch Set | ¥1430

This was my lunch set, pretty good price ah? Plenty food! And it’s shrimp! It totally hit the spot, just felt like something tomato-y with rice. Loved it. Well the dimsum was blah but everything else was good!

Another version of dim sum

Crispy Fried Chicken with Sweet & Chili Sauce

Fried Rice with Meat & Seafood | ¥1540

Not my dish, but this was also a set meal. I think the chicken was part of it? I don’t remember, it wasn’t my meal. 🙁

Taiwanese Stir-fried Pea Sprout | ¥1100

I was in dire need of vegetables and always wanted to try pea sprouts. Oh my gosh, hands down my favorite dish of the meal. I would definitely order this again!!

9 responses to “SEIRYUMON – Ikspiari Mall, Japan

  1. jalna

    The pea sprout with those mushrooms look so interesting!

  2. Vickinags

    The Chinese restaurants in Hawaii have peasprouts too and you can buy on Chinatown
    I love it!
    I had this place bookedmarked to try their desserts!

  3. Now I want to try pea sprouts! Vicki says Chinatown has it? On the hunt now!

  4. kat

    pea sprouts you can grow some after you eat the tops:)

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