Sekiya’s Restaurant & Delicatessen – Kaimuki, HI

If you can believe it, I have never been to Sekiya’s. Honestly, when I started eating out more, that was around the time Sekiya’s got closed down for violations. I forget why and somehow that stuck with me but I was young then. Now I know dirtier kitchens probably make the best food (sorry for that). Anyway, my friend treated me to a nice lunch here after a morning of craft fairing across the street.

Super old school joint, and you better go only if you’re patient. I was a bit upset in the beginning because honestly we were the only other table and the waitress wasn’t helping us fast at all. Then as I took in the surroundings, I realized she was completely on her own and probably helping in the kitchen too so I calmed down considerably. I get it, all restaurants get staffing shortages but that’s just my warning to you. If you come here, expect to wait a very long time. To be seated, to be given waters, to have your order taken, to get your food, to get your check (omg that took so long), lol. But the waitress is so nice and doing her best so please know that before going.

Also, the delicatessen line was always busy. I wish we had more okazuyas around.

Small Saimin | $7.09
Yakitori Chicken (2 sticks) | $4.35

This wasn’t my dish but I got to try a piece of the chicken. It was alright. Hahaha

Fried Saimin | $10.49
BBQ Stick Meat | $2.55

I like laugh. I just looked at the picture of the menu and it has a warning with this meat stick that consuming raw or undercooked foods may increase your risk of foodborne illness. Wat? For this meat stick? What they trying for tell me? I didn’t get asked if I want it to be cooked rare. And boy, was this hunk of meat overcooked lol – it was like jerky. I wouldn’t get this again.

I’ve talked about this before, I am a noodle fiend. I was super looking forward to this dish. And well, I guess I didn’t expect it to come unmixed. I expected them to fry the saimin…together? There is a huge mound of noodles mixed with a very sweet teriyaki sauce and then the toppings thrown on top. If you don’t like raw green onions, no get this dish. And the plate they serve it in is so small that I couldn’t even mix the noodles myself (lol) so I had to pick at ingredients little by little while trying to grab noodles from this huge clump. The dish was okay, but I guess I would prefer it already mixed?? Also, thankfully my friend had her hot mustard because boy did I need it to eat this dish. If not, it was just all dry and sweet. Needed a kick.

I know this wasn’t a glowing review but I would still return to try their other dishes. They just a small mom and pop restaurant serving up some old school Japanese food, gotta support!

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  1. vickinags

    I went earlier this year to take out oxtail soup because someone told me it was the best. Nah, just ok.
    Now I’m trying to remember something from the deli side that was really ono but sorry, no can remember. LOL

  2. kat

    I’ve never been, maybe will go next time I’m back

  3. Sekiya’s is totally in my neck of the woods and since I went to Kaimuki High School, was always right up my alley.

    Their okazu is really good – but super expensive! I like their fish patties and cone sushi. And shoyu hot dog. But, like I said – super expensive.

    For dinner, their nishime is good – comes with miso soup, tea, tsukemono, rice. Even if you order the hamburger steak, comes with all that stuff. NEVER order their beef tomato. NEVER! It comes in a big bowl but the broth is too fishy – I think they put the saimin soup inside. I say NEVER because I ordered it once and was junk, and then I forgot and ordered it AGAIN!

    My kids like the saimin or wun ton min combo with a cheeseburger. My husband liked their oxtail soup because they gave plenty crated ginger.

    Now that I am older, I really like their stir fried vegetable dish – either just veggies (got good snow peas) or with chicken. Kinda small portion but just right for me.

    Glad you went – too bad wasn’t better for you.

  4. Izsmom

    Our family favorite is their Karai Saimin! Yum! It’s basically dry Saimin noodles with char siu and green onions sprinkled on the top and this spicy (Karai) sauce on the side. I’m not sure what’s in the sauce, I think hot mustard, grated ginger and some kind of red chili pepper sauce) . We pour it over the noodles and mix it up. My husband and I also order their potato Mac salad and pour some of the karai sauce over it! So onolicious the cool creamy potato Mac salad and spicy sauce.
    Our boys like the cheeseburgers with fries.

    • Jenny

      I was eyeing out that karai saimin! But didn’t go for it, wish I had! But I will choose that next time!

      How you mix up the noodles on such a small plate lol! Man you making me want to return, I really wanted to try their cheeseburger!

      • Izsmom

        Hi Jenny! They serve the Karai Saimin in a large Saimin bowl. I guess because of the sauce on the side. It’s so weird why they serve their Fried Saimin the way they do.

        Hope you do go back and try the Karai Saimin and the cheeseburgers. Their cheeseburgers are old school style, nothing fancy,, but my sons like it. I like their fries too, only because I like the thicker cut fries.

        • Jenny

          Good to know! I will definitely get the karai saimin next time! And cheeseburger and I like thick cut fries too so you sold me on that too! Oh man. Now I’m hungry.

  5. jalna

    Uuuuuuu, I loooooove Sekiya saimin.

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