Shirokiya – Ramen

I went to Shirokiya a few weeks ago for lunch with my coworker and we tried out their ramen!  I like the whole food court thing they got going on upstairs – great concept.  My coworker tried the seasonal ramen place – sorry I can’t remember the name and I can’t find it online either!  They claimed they won first place for ramen in Ishikawa.  It’s a miso based soup with thin sliced pork belly.  Check it out!


To me it looks like sliced bacon that has been braised.  She let me try some of the pork and it was very flavorful!  The noodles were good because they were firm and very curly.  I also like al dente noodles, I got a taste of the broth and thought it was very good!  

131102-02Here’s my ramen!  It’s from Menya Ifu Do Do which is also located in the Shirokiya food court.  When I first tried this place long ago, I thought they were going to be there for a limited time.  I guess they are a main stay!  Doesn’t this bowl look awesome?  I love spicy foods so this looked great to me.  This place is definitely pricey though.  I was glad my egg wasn’t overcooked (i.e. the gray circle of death) – our ramen places tend to do that but I think it’s due to salmonella scares.  Makes me really miss the eggs I ate in Japan, I ate at least one egg everyday in Japan.  No regrets!  I ordered a side gyoza here and it wasn’t even worth the picture.  It tasted like they walked over to the frozen food section and bought some gyoza.  Disappointing and expensive.  I enjoyed the ramen though!

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