Taiyo Ramen – Honolulu, HI

Taiyo Ramen has been a late night staple in Hawai’i for so long.  Do you folks remember when it used to be on Kapiolani where Nordstrom is now?  I must sound like one real old fogie saying that.  I’ve been saying a lot of things that make me old already.  Naming prices of what things used to be…talking about how music and movies are not good anymore.  Oh boy.  Where was I?  That’s right, Taiyo Ramen!  My favorite dish from there is definitely the kimchee fried rice.  I hate to brag but I think I make the best kimchee fried rice (lol) but if I had to buy it outside, it’s definitely from Taiyo.  Kimchee fried is one of those dishes that doesn’t seem to have a consistent recipe – every time I try it outside, it’s always different…either too sweet or not enough spice.  Anyhow, I came here a few weeks ago and was happy to see that things are still pretty much the same.  It’s a funny set up for a “Japanese” restaurant, it’s a ramen shop that sells kimchee fried rice.  The wait staff are all Korean so the TV plays KBFD (which I like), the kitchen staff are all Chinese!  Talk about getting a mixed plate, no complaints here though.  Let’s get to the pictures!

131103-01Red Mountain!  Taiyo Ramen’s famous Kimchee Fried

131103-02You can’t eat the fried rice without a side of their amazing kimchee.  A good kimchee makes everything!  I’m not sure if it’s homemade – I would assume so, it’s a great one!


Fried Rice comes with a side of standard miso soup


My friend got the Katsu Ramen


They have a special price for a 4 piece gyoza with your entree, the gyoza is pretty typical.  Definitely better than the ones I got at Shirokiya.

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