Shrimp and Stuff

Stuff. Lots of stuff has happened this past week. The hurricanes came and gone without much damage to Oahu, thankfully. We also got a day off from it which was great. I kind of spent the day sleeping. I got back to work today and just had a major stress out. So much work I had to catch up on! Then at lunch, I find out Robin Williams passed away. It was such a shock, it still hasn’t sunk in. He was too young to go, it’s all so sad. He’s definitely an actor I took for granted. He brought me so much laughter growing up and his┬áserious roles were great too…it’s a big loss for Hollywood for sure.

Then I get to my car after work and it’s another scratch. Seriously guys. This is gonna sound real petty after talking about a passing, but I just no get how my car can get scratched 5 times in less than 6 months in the same parking lot. If I get to work early enough and park in my usual spot, I know my car will be good. Well, I can’t always get that spot and I can’t guarantee I don’t have to go to meetings during the day to save my spot. I just no get it. When I get in and out of my car, I am so damn careful about opening my door. I even put my hand on my door’s edge so I squish my hand rather than hit someone’s car. It seems like the people I park with just like flinging their car doors onto mine. Terrible. Anyway, the past few scratches have been on this replaceable molding on my car. Today…today was a scratch on my car’s body. Damn – I just give up already.

It’s times like this where I need to find my positive place. I need to have something that can make me appreciate the bigger things in life…the better things in life. Or be thankful for what I have. Shucks. Sorry for the rant guys. I hope you are all doing well.

Well, as the title promised, this post would be shrimp and stuff. The stuff is done so on to the shrimp! Just a quick post on a recent trip to Romy’s. We went during a weekend and the line was very very long. Of course. But what surprised me was how fast the food was cooked after ordering, usually it’s a long line to order and then a long wait. Yay! Big prawns are to die for. Sorry Darren (friend and reader).


Number 5 Prawns Plate – $19.95 (yikes!)
Oh boy, I never realize I paid 20 bucks for this. They really keep raising the price. Was it worth it? Heck yah. This is probably my favorite seafood. The head is the best part, absolutely. I get it with butter garlic sauce, so good yet so bad for you. Go big or go home!

140812-02Number 1 Shrimp Plate – $13.75
Much better price and they give you a good amount of shrimp too. You can get the number 1 with prawns too but it’s the small prawns – not the jumbo ones like number 5. They still have their stamp card! It’s just scary how much you have to spend to get that one free plate…

4 responses to “Shrimp and Stuff

  1. SupMonarch

    I’m just not ready for face eating yet haha *nods back*

  2. N

    After I dented the rear of my brand new car in the 2nd week I gave up. So then after getting other dents in a multiple colors such as white paint, yellow paint, it didn’t bother me at all. With the junk kine parkintg spaces we get (3rd deck Ala Moana by Macy’s) no can help if you get a car bigger than a mini. Rare are the wide open parking space like the ones at COSTCO. Very rare.

    Da first pix of the prawns – uh oh I never realize they had so many tentacles and stuff. Kinda looks like a sci-fi monster. -N

    • Jenny

      Ah! You must have felt sick after you did that. I guess I feel better knowing that I am not alone in getting these little dings! I think now that the dent is in the body of my car, I just gotta give up already. And you’re right about the parking stalls – I guess I used to have a corolla so I was in safe territory. Costco has awesome spots.

      Do you eat shrimp heads?? Those are my favorite. ­čÖé

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