Recipe: Shrimp Fried Cauliflower Rice

A lot of my recipes come out of trying to clean out my freezer or fridge. As you know, I’ve been on a bit of a health kick so cauliflower rice has become somewhat of a staple in my menu. Well I decided to experiment with it to make a fried rice and it came out really good! The people I shared it with really enjoyed it too so I decided to share the recipe with you folks. The instructions are a bit casual, let me know if you have any questions.

This has become my style, adding fried garlic to EVERYTHING.

Adding the previously sautéed shrimp back into the cauliflower and garlic mixture…

Adding the scrambled eggs back in. No mix ’em too hard, I like my eggs chunky.

Shrimp Fried Cauliflower Rice

4 small bags of frozen cauliflower rice (I got mine from Costco – the entire package contains 4 small bags of rice so I used the entire package)

2 T Butter
4 eggs, beaten

2 T avocado oil (whatever oil you prefer)
1 box of Kauai shrimp (the box from Costco), thawed, de-headed and peeled (I didn’t devein because who cares)
Salt and Pepper

2 T avocado oil (whatever oil you prefer)
1 1/2 heads of garlic, minced
White pepper (optional)


Heat up about 2 TBS of butter, add eggs. Cook to a soft scramble, should still be wet. Remove from pan and set aside.

Heat up avocado oil in pan, add shrimp, sprinkle salt and pepper (about 2 cranks each). Flip after about 2-3 minutes, add salt and pepper again and cook. I didn’t cook the shrimp completely since you’re going to add it back to the rice later anyway. I think I cooked it maybe…6 minutes? Remove shrimp from pan and set aside. 

Heat up avocado oil in pan (I didn’t wash the pan after the shrimp) on medium low heat. Add garlic and cook, constantly stirring. It will take a while but the garlic will turn nice and brown without getting burned. Be patient.

Once garlic has reached golden brown status, add the frozen cauliflower. The frozen cauliflower is easy to break apart in the wok. Break down rice and mix it with the browned garlic. After about 3-4 minutes, add shrimp and eggs into the rice and mix together. I try to be careful because I like my eggs to remain in big chunks. I add a bit more salt and white pepper to taste at the end. It’s really up to you for seasoning, just season to taste.

Romy’s Kahuku Prawns & Shrimp – Kahuku, HI

We decided to play tourists one day during the break and it was great. I love heading up to the North Shore for a change of pace. We had a good breakfast at Sunny Side which I will share in an upcoming post, got some Dole Whip at the Dole Plantation. We even decided to try the world’s biggest maze there. Well I sort of stood in the middle as the rest of them hit all the stations in the maze. I realized my shoes had a hole in them during the maze and it was not pleasant walking on the rocky ground with that hole. Then we capped off the day with my favorite prawns plate at Romy’s.

There are many complaints that can be thrown out about this place but once you understand and know what to expect, they won’t bother you. First, there’s always a long line to order. Second, they say you can call in you order beforehand to avoid waiting. Well, they never answer their phone so don’t even bother. Third, the plates are pricey. Yes, it’s seafood plates, they are not cheap. Fourth, the wait to get your food is lengthy too. So yes, it’s a lot of waiting, then you pay a lot of money and then you wait some more. Know this and expect these things so  you don’t get mad waiting. If you don’t think you can wait, don’t come here. Get plenny shrimp trucks out here.


150130-04Number 1 – Sauteed Butter Garlic Shrimp Plate
Look at all that garlic. Oh it’s so good.


150130-02Number 5 Steamed Prawns with Butter Garlic Dipping Sauce (2x)

I am not going to be the person NOT ordering double butter garlic sauces. Ahhh…this is my absolute favorite plate. I think it ranks in the top 5 of my favorite meals on the planet. I just love big prawns. The heads are so delicious and the bodies are so firm and meaty. It’s pricey but worth it in my opinion. I should not have written this post right now, I am so hungry! Wish I had this in front of me right now.

The Pineapple Room – Ala Moana, HI

This was my first visit to The Pineapple Room and quite possibly my last, I really wanted it to be better but it really wasn’t. The menu and prices were definitely overrated and overpriced. Not a lot of choices – I think the only good deal would be the Loco Moco but you have to get it as part of a prix fixe menu, I wasn’t hungry enough for that. Anyhow, maybe their lunch menu is a bit better because dinner was a disappointment.

141105-01Well this was good. I enjoy this kind of bread, is this a plain focaccia? I could have had more of this…and I think we did.


141105-04Shrimp Escargot. Garlic shrimp with salt, pepper and parmesan cheese. It sounds good right?  It wasn’t. It was like eating a salt lick. It was incredibly salty, the salt and parmesan cheese is too much.

141105-03Here is the bread. Half grilled and half burnt. Obviously half of the bread was inedible, not that I cared for the hard bread anyway. I used the focaccia to eat the dip…hehe.


141105-06Seared Ahi served puttanesca style over spaghetti. This dish includes portuguese sausage, tomatoes, olives, capers in a light tomato broth. Kristian enjoyed this dish a lot and the fish looks like it it was cooked on point!

141105-07Miso Garlic Butterfish – this was my entree. I enjoyed the root salad a lot, the rice was pretty good. The fish was good too. Pricey though.


Shrimp and Stuff

Stuff. Lots of stuff has happened this past week. The hurricanes came and gone without much damage to Oahu, thankfully. We also got a day off from it which was great. I kind of spent the day sleeping. I got back to work today and just had a major stress out. So much work I had to catch up on! Then at lunch, I find out Robin Williams passed away. It was such a shock, it still hasn’t sunk in. He was too young to go, it’s all so sad. He’s definitely an actor I took for granted. He brought me so much laughter growing up and his serious roles were great too…it’s a big loss for Hollywood for sure.

Then I get to my car after work and it’s another scratch. Seriously guys. This is gonna sound real petty after talking about a passing, but I just no get how my car can get scratched 5 times in less than 6 months in the same parking lot. If I get to work early enough and park in my usual spot, I know my car will be good. Well, I can’t always get that spot and I can’t guarantee I don’t have to go to meetings during the day to save my spot. I just no get it. When I get in and out of my car, I am so damn careful about opening my door. I even put my hand on my door’s edge so I squish my hand rather than hit someone’s car. It seems like the people I park with just like flinging their car doors onto mine. Terrible. Anyway, the past few scratches have been on this replaceable molding on my car. Today…today was a scratch on my car’s body. Damn – I just give up already.

It’s times like this where I need to find my positive place. I need to have something that can make me appreciate the bigger things in life…the better things in life. Or be thankful for what I have. Shucks. Sorry for the rant guys. I hope you are all doing well.

Well, as the title promised, this post would be shrimp and stuff. The stuff is done so on to the shrimp! Just a quick post on a recent trip to Romy’s. We went during a weekend and the line was very very long. Of course. But what surprised me was how fast the food was cooked after ordering, usually it’s a long line to order and then a long wait. Yay! Big prawns are to die for. Sorry Darren (friend and reader).


Number 5 Prawns Plate – $19.95 (yikes!)
Oh boy, I never realize I paid 20 bucks for this. They really keep raising the price. Was it worth it? Heck yah. This is probably my favorite seafood. The head is the best part, absolutely. I get it with butter garlic sauce, so good yet so bad for you. Go big or go home!

140812-02Number 1 Shrimp Plate – $13.75
Much better price and they give you a good amount of shrimp too. You can get the number 1 with prawns too but it’s the small prawns – not the jumbo ones like number 5. They still have their stamp card! It’s just scary how much you have to spend to get that one free plate…

Kickin Cajun – Keeaumoku, HI

Happy June everyone! Does that mean it’s officially summer? This past week was terrible! I think we must have had some strong vog or something because I had a severe case of post nasal drip. My friend was telling me that she saw something on the news about it being the smog blowing over from China. Um…forreal? Does anyone know if this is legit? I find myself having a hard time believing. Anyhow, I’m getting super busy at work again! But in the past the stress has been with a really tight deadline – this one is less time restrictive.

Have you folks tried all the seafood in a bag restaurants? I don’t know how else to address these. My first visit to one was at Crab City and I really liked what they did! I was pretty sad to see them close down. I tried Kickin Kajun last week and while the service was very good, the food just doesn’t beat Crab City. I have a few more to try so I can compare, hopefully I can this summer! I don’t know if this happens all the time but they were out of practically everything! I was able to snag the last lobster so we ordered the lobster/shrimp combination. There isn’t much pictures because…your hands are super gross when you’re digging in! The bag also comes with crawfish, corn, potato, smoked sausage and clams. My only complaint was that the house sauce was a bit bland.


140601-02Quick peek inside the bag before we dug in. The lobster was nice! My dining companion let me eat the lobster head…heavenly!!

140601-03Side of rice that comes with the combination.

Papa Ole’s – Hauula, HI

The first time I heard about Papa Ole’s was from Lance, a reader of this blog! Thanks for sharing Lance! After his suggestion, I saw it pop up on my yelp feed and the pictures had me salivating. I. had. to. go. And go I did. I went a few weeks ago for the first time with some family. It was a great ride out there and the staff were very friendly. We ordered a pulehu ribs plate and a shrimp plate to share. It was not even 11 am on a Sunday morning and we already snatched up the last pulehu ribs plate, I couldn’t believe it! Here’s my sad part of the story, the ribs were SALTY. Like crazy salty. I could pick off grains salt to create a mountain if I wanted to…but the meat. Oh the meat, it was so good. Thick cut ribs…cooked medium rare – oh so tender and good. It was hard to get past the salt. I figured since we got the last plate, we had the saltiest bunch.

Well, I had to drive out to Laie this week for a meeting and I suggested to my coworkers to eat at Papa Ole’s and we did. Everyone got the pulehu ribs and sorry but it was so salty again! Don’t get me wrong, I know when you get anything pulehu or pipikaula style, it’s going to be salty but this is beyond what I can handle. One of my coworkers actually got a combo kalbi and pulehu plate and let us try a piece of the kalbi. The kalbi was very good. The seasoning was on point and they served it thick cut like the pulehu…unfortunately they also also cooked them to like a crisp. Even though it was cooked way over, the meat was fortunately still tender. I think if I do return, I would ask for the kalbi ribs done medium rare. Sorry for all the text, let’s get to the pics!

140309-06Let the rooster greet you. He just walks around like he owns the place. Pretty smart if you ask me, that’s some good crumbs he’s getting!

140309-01Portuguese Eggs and Rice Plate – $9.00
For the kids and it comes with toast too! I think this is overpriced so I wouldn’t get it again.

140309-02Sauteed Shrimp Plate – $12.00
This is like shrimp scampi style, a little bit creamy – pretty good!


140309-04Pulehu Ribs Plate – $12.00
Look at that meat, how can one resist? The ratings are crazy high on Yelp so maybe you need to try these yourself to see if you like it!

140309-07Pulehu and Kalbi Ribs Combination Plate – $12.00
My coworker couldn’t decide between the two so they said they can put both on the plate and charged the same price! Glad they did, I got to try the Kalbi!

140309-08Pulehu Ribs View

140309-09Kalbi Ribs View – it wasn’t too charred on this side but when we turned it over…it was completely black!

140309-10This is the size of their mini Pulehu Ribs plate. Great deal for $7.50, comes with 3 ribs!

Another thing – the first time I came here they asked if I wanted mac or green salad. We decided to get one of each. This past time, they didn’t ask us which we wanted so we got mac. I totally forgot about that and wish they had. The green salad and dressing is delicious and honestly, you should eat the greens to offset the ribs a bit. So just wanted to let you folks know about the green salad option! In case you don’t know, Papa Ole’s is located in the same shopping center as Longs Drugs and Tamura’s.

140309-05A picture from my first drive over…have a good one guys!

Romy’s Kahuku Prawns & Shrimp

Everyone who visits Oahu will inevitably go to the North Shore.  Once you’re up in the North Shore, you have a pick of many shrimp “trucks.”  For me personally, I prefer Romy’s.  I don’t think the shrimp is anything special that you couldn’t get anywhere else – I go to Romy’s for the prawns.  Not just the regular prawns, the bambucha ones!  The only prawns I will eat there are the prawns that come with the number 5.  For me, it’s worth the wait and price.  This dish is not for the weak – they are huge prawns with huge heads.  For me, who loves the shrimp head as much as the body…it’s heavenly.   The prawns for the number 5 isn’t always there – you either get there too early or they sell out too fast.  So when I do get the Prawns, it’s all the better!

Number 5 - Prawns!  I get it with the butter garlic sauce.  Sinfully delicious.

Number 5 – Prawns! I get it with the butter garlic sauce. Sinfully delicious.

Number 1 Shrimp - Butter Garlic and Spicy Shoyu Sauce (a good back-up for my number 5)

Number 1 Shrimp – Butter Garlic and Spicy Shoyu Sauce (a good back-up in case my number 5 isn’t available)