St. Louis Drive-In – Kaimuki, Hawaii

St. Louis Drive-In serves up some real hole in the wall goodness. Okay, I can’t comment on their entire menu but I do enjoy getting breakfast from them once in a while! It’s a great deal – about five bucks for a breakfast plate AND a soda! I tried to be good and declined the soda. Good ah? 🙂 Anyway, just a quick update and wanted to share how the plate looks.

140301-01I just love the way they pack their food. They place the plate in a pie box with wax paper which is then topped with condiments (i.e. ketchup, shoyu, etc.), utensils and napkins. Perfect way to package the food!

140301-02Hapa Rice, Portuguese Sausage and Eggs. This special specifically comes with scrambled eggs but you can choose how you want your eggs with a few of the other plates.

4 responses to “St. Louis Drive-In – Kaimuki, Hawaii

  1. Anon .com

    That is old school plate lunch….pre styrofoam. I wonder how they can afford to do this?

    They do catering as well, bumped into this lost and frazzled woman early one morning trying to find the location of the order, she was married into the family she mentioned …opening up at 4am!

    Note to self don’t marry into a food service business;)

    • jenny

      I wonder too! I do like it though, maybe not having plastic bags helps?

      I agree…any work in food service is going to be real tough. I’ll take note of your note. 🙂

  2. St Louis Drive-In has a worker at one of the windows – she has been with them for over 40 years! A couple of years older than me – she went to Kaimuki High School too!

    I used to go often to the place right next door to them – the delicatessen – and order their mini bento for $5. Chow fun, luncheon meat, fried chicken and musubi. SO unhealthy – mostly carbs and fried food, but with a bit of shoyu on top, SO satisfying!

    Once the deli is sold out, they close, so I go to the Drive-In. Their Japanese bento/plate lunch is really good! Even has sashimi – but gotta remove from the plate right away since it is surrounded by hot stuff.

    Am thoroughly enjoying your reviews – makes me hungry!


    • jenny

      Hey Aunty! I think I might know who you’re talking about! She’s one real sweet lady. I like the food from the delicatessen too! It’s too bad I always end up in that area on Tuesdays and I think they’re closed Tuesdays. Thanks for sharing Aunty!

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