Hiyashi Ramen – Agu Ramen

Hey folks! Hope you are all doing well. I had a rough day today. Been a rough month! But August starts us up new, new month new attitude. I was so tired today. Like just drained. I pulled myself together and went to work. Anyway, I’ll try to update more often! I am so behind in pictures! Let me share a quick update from yet another visit to Agu Ramen. If you read my blog, you know I’ve been there many times. This particular visit, it was all hot outside so I didn’t feel like eating a brothy dish so I went for the Hiyashi Ramen. It was so good! Check it out.


140804-02It was so refreshing and delicious. A lot of different ingredients but the dressing really made the dish. It inspired me to make my own cold ramen salad the week after. It didn’t work at all. Hehe..

140804-03Kicked Up Fries – meh. Not worth it. They are supposed to be cajun fries, not sure what’s cajun about it. The fries were just salty.

140804-04My friend had the Shio Jidori. This is a great alternative to their thick and rich kotteri/tonkotsu options. I like that they offer a lighter chicken broth, it’s definitely something I would try the next time I go!

Agu’s Savory Parmesan Kotteri Tonkotsu

I’ve done too many Agu Ramen posts to count so I’ll just share a new bowl I tried the other day. I wanted to see what the big fuss was about since pictures of this was popping up all over Instagram. How was it? Good! But I didn’t taste a real strong parmesan taste and since the cheese was shaved really thin, it’s not like I was getting nice strands of melted cheese as I slurped noodles. It also costs like 4 dollars more than the regular kotteri tonkotsu so it wasn’t worth it to me. $4 for a sprinkling of cheese? I’ll stick to the regular…thanks.



Hmm…$15.75 versus $11.75, go for the regular. This one is overhyped.

Agu Ramen – Honolulu, HI

Yes, another Agu Ramen post! Sorry, I do really like what they serve! Here’s a link to my previous post that refers to the even more previous posts before this one. This visit was a bit different, I was in the mood for some cold noodles because of the hot weather. Oh, it was DELICIOUS.

140521-01Shio Jidori – $11.75
Not my dish, my friend got this. She likes it a lot because of the light chicken broth. As I’ve shared before, their kotteri is much too oily.


Kicked Up Fries – $5.75


Chili Cream dipping sauce for the fries. Meh for the entire dish. I wouldn’t recommend it.


Hiyashi Ramen – $10.75


Oh my god. This dish totally hit the spot. You know what makes or breaks a hiyashi ramen? The dressing. They have a great dressing here. I was so in love that I made my own. Um, it didn’t come close to this one. No shame, I’ll still share the pic.

140521-06Whoop there it is. Yeah it wasn’t great. I also started putting any kine toppings like my super fast pickled daikon. The crab sticks were junk. The dressing was store bought and no good. Ah…I can always remember the hiyashi ramen I had at Agu to be happy.