The Willows Restaurant – Honolulu, HI

The Willows Restaurant is a great option if you’re looking for a good place for a buffet.  Buffets are usually the best option for company lunches/events because it’s the same price for everyone!  If you go to a regular restaurant, you could spend forever figuring out everyone’s tab.  I don’t go to Willows often but the few times I have, it has been good food!  When I came before, the parking lot across the street was free.  Apparently it is now a paid/valet lot.  I learned that there is a private paid lot close to this restaurant, $2 for 4 hours.  Not too bad!  I honestly hate restaurants who have a small little lot and start up a valet service – Chef Mavro would be a good example.  Have you see their lot?  Once you pull in, it’s like you’re parked already but you have to valet!  Shouldn’t valet be for parking that is kind of far away?  Okay, I have started to ramble.  Sorry!  Anyway, the food we had at the first birthday party was spectacular!  Another graphic heavy post!  It’s worth it because it’s food…:)


Yup that’s my plate…no shame.  Hahaha…was sooo good.  I skipped breakfast for this – is that good enough?

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