The Willows Restaurant – Honolulu, HI

The Willows Restaurant is a great option if you’re looking for a good place for a buffet.  Buffets are usually the best option for company lunches/events because it’s the same price for everyone!  If you go to a regular restaurant, you could spend forever figuring out everyone’s tab.  I don’t go to Willows often but the few times I have, it has been good food!  When I came before, the parking lot across the street was free.  Apparently it is now a paid/valet lot.  I learned that there is a private paid lot close to this restaurant, $2 for 4 hours.  Not too bad!  I honestly hate restaurants who have a small little lot and start up a valet service – Chef Mavro would be a good example.  Have you see their lot?  Once you pull in, it’s like you’re parked already but you have to valet!  Shouldn’t valet be for parking that is kind of far away?  Okay, I have started to ramble.  Sorry!  Anyway, the food we had at the first birthday party was spectacular!  Another graphic heavy post!  It’s worth it because it’s food…:)


Yup that’s my plate…no shame.  Hahaha…was sooo good.  I skipped breakfast for this – is that good enough?


Plain and strawberry panna cotta


Assorted cakes and haupia.  I had the lilikoi cake, it had a great kick to it!  I love lilikoi…

131119-04Fresh fruit, panna cotta, brownies and butter mochi, awesome spread!  There was also bread pudding in a heated server.


The best dish of the day!  Furikake Bass.  The fish was cooked perfectly, it was soo moist.  Everyone loved it!


Yum, kalua pig and cabbage…


I didn’t get to try this but it sounded very interesting.  Has anyone tried their poi stew?  Looks good.  I guess I have an excuse to go back!


Baby Mama (hehe!) getting her fill of prime rib.  Did you know they keep pieces of prime rib on the side for people who don’t like it rare?  I didn’t know that!  She asked for it.  I would usually go against this but luckily her piece didn’t look dried out or overcooked!


Individual somen salad servings!

131119-09Individual tofu salad servings.  I haven’t had tofu salad in a lot time – hmm….now I have a craving. 

131119-11Now for the star of the show, the raw fish corner!  Drool…

131119-12Ahi poke…yummmy


Spicy ahi on rice…I wish I could take the whole thing home…hehe

Willows is a great restaurant – I love that they have their dining areas sectioned off which offers a different experience.  They even have a chapel for wedding!  If you can make it out to this restaurant, I definitely recommend it as one of the best buffet restaurants in Hawaii.

5 responses to “The Willows Restaurant – Honolulu, HI

  1. jalna

    OMG, everything looks so good!!

  2. Anon

    Looks yummy but I wonder how they can serve like this out in the open w/o those “sneeze” guards like other buffets have, I thought the board of health requires it.

    • What a good point Anon, I never thought of that! It’s a pretty small room too…but I didn’t feel sicked out. I feel like there was a lot of open air in the room too but maybe that’s just me.

  3. Anon .com

    Mighty yummy looking but I thought buffets req. those stainless steel serving carts with those “sneeze” guards. For sanitary reasons.

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