Pat’s Piggery – Waianae, HI

We had a recent event catered by Pat’s Piggery and it was GOOD (Thanks Linda!). Like super good. I don’t know anything about this mysterious catering company, only that they are located far and raised their own pigs that are used to make their delicious kalua pork. They offer catering with pricing that includes the delivery…which makes it easy for us townies! Let me share with you pictures of the food we had…


140531-02Kalua Pork – was so good!

140531-04Lomi Salmon – delicious! Good portion of salmon in there!

140531-05Steamed Sweet Potato – perfect!

140531-03Winner of the whole show! Their ahi poke as SOOOOOO good. It even has kukui nut in it…which means it’s gonna be awesome and it was. I would highly recommend Pat’s Piggery! The price per head considering the food we got was definitely reasonable too!

Nippon Bento and Catering – Delivery!

Happy boys day! It’s Children’s Day now yeah? I don’t know why it got changed, how come girls get a day? Anyhow, it’s been hot yeah?? ¬†Sunday was crazy hot and today was hot too. It’s the vog and the sun just beating down on us. Too hot to handle! Hot weather makes me very lazy. Luckily we have AC at work even though it was broken this morning…other than that – not too bad of a Monday. Hope you are all doing well!

My fried rice post stemmed from the event I am sharing today! Once you see the amount of rice we had, you will understand why fried rice had to be made. Nippon Bento and Catering has become our go-to catering option. They have a pretty good menu, good prices and do free delivery as long as you meet their minimum bento order. When you order catering, you have the option to hire their staff to keep watch on the food and refill as necessary. Let me share with you what we had.


140505-14Tossed Garden Salad with Oriental Dressing – the salad looked great on the day of the event. The next day? It was completely brown. Was really such a shame that it went bad so fast.


140505-13Lots of Rice! And lots was¬†left over after the event too…


140505-12Long Rice – felt like this was almost the easy way out to make long rice. Carrots and some onions thrown in – the sauce is very sweet and strong in sesame oil taste.


140505-11Tofu & Eggplant with Oyster Suace


140505-10Mochiko Chicken – an okay dish. I honestly find that it’s a real hit or miss with them. They also serve their mochiko chicken with this vinegary sauce which I find unnecessary. (By the way, it was a miss this day)


140505-09Vegetable Stir-fry – Pretty good! I enjoy baby corn.


140505-08Garlic Ahi – Star of the Show! Okay, this was definitely my favorite dish but the thing is – there was no way this was ahi. I’m okay that it wasn’t ahi because it tasted great. Not sure why they call it ahi – I still loved it. Very meaty and tender, I’m also a sucker for tartar sauce.

140505-15All in all? Good stuff! I had to eat the fish – it was too good to pass up. Wish I knew what kind of fish it was though. Sole? Tilapia? Wish I could say…